How To Change Font On MIUI 7.1 And Use Custom Fonts

How to change font on MIUI 7.1 and use custom fonts on Xiaomi devices. Custom font is no longer supported with the coming of the MIUI 7.1.1, that’s not a convenient condition for some, including me and you.

But, of course workarounds are there for us. In other word, there is an alternative road we can pass through in order to change the default font to the font from outside and install the custom fonts to our MIUI 7.1.1 powered Xiaomi device.


The workarounds I am talking about are discussed here for you to follow if you wish to perform font changing to your Xiaomi device.

To be precise, I will use two Android apps that are designed and developed to help users changing their Xiaomi’s default font to custom fonts.

However, the two apps take different approaches. Let’s say the one app simply install and go. While the other one is taking a harder technique that requires you to undergo a several technical steps.

How To Change Font On MIUI 7 And Use Custom Fonts

Well it’s better to start with the easier one, so nobody will get headache at the first time, you certainly will agree with me on that, right? And let’s get started.

Well, it’s good to tell you that there is a handy tutorial too, just visit How To Install MIUI Firmware Via OTA For All Xiaomi Devices.

How To Change Font On MIUI 7.1.1 And Use Custom Fonts on Xiaomi.


  • All the methods require you to firstly root your device. For the complete tutorials please to visit the How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Without PC.
  • Backup your existing data.
  • Enable unknown sources of your Android. Don’t skip this if you haven’t because you will later need to install apk outside from Google Play Store. Therefore you need to set the option enabled. Or else you will not be able to install the required APK files.

First method to change MIUI 7 fonts.

This method is the easier one compared the next one, after your device’s fully rooted, then head to Google Play Store to install an app called Fontster.

It’s the famous font changing app for number of Android devices from various manufactures.

Here is a glance look of how the app’s interface will appear once it’s installed.

FontSter Android App To Change MIUI Font


Size 3.3MB.
Android version; 4.1 and newer.
Download Fontster via Google Play Store.


Second method to change MIUI 7 fonts.

The second method is a trickier one and more complicate compared the above one, but don’t worry you’ll be guided through the whole process.

The following method was tested on Xiaomi Redmi 1s. However it’s widely and publicly proven to work on any other or various models too.

Step 1. Root your device first. Again I must remind you that your device should already be rooted, to do so then you need to flash SuperSU binaries to your MIUI ROM, the following is the zip file of the rooting package.

SuperSU zip file.
Size 3.8MB.
Download SuperSU via Chainfire official website.

Step 2. Install Xposed on your device.
The second thing you must do is installing Xposed to your MIUI. The app is by the default not supported to run on the MIUI 7. But don’t worry there is a modified version of it, developed by Solarwarez (Credit and respect should be given upon him).

We need Xposed app to download the font from iFont app to be installed and used on our device.

Therefore grab the Xposed (Modified version) and install on your MIUI powered device.

Size 708.83 KB.
Download Xposed via MIUI forum.

Step 3. Install the font. We have come this far, we will get the rewards now. Of course, since you have Xposed installed succesffully now it’s time to download and install the Xposed iFonts Xposed module to start the font related business.

Change Fonts On MIUI 7 XIAOMI


  1. On your device head to iFont app > MY tab > Setting > Change font mode. Set to System mode (need root) and set the auto reboot to ‘ON’ too.
  2. Then back to RECOM tab to further download the font you like.
  3. Your device will reboot now to complete the processes.

Done my friend! You did it. I hope nothing from the steps troubling you. Instead you successfully underwent the entire steps easily.

However if you have any questions related all the methods to change font on MIUI 7 and use custom fonts for Xiaomi device. Don’t be a shy guy. Just drop your query on the provided comment area!

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