How To Enter To Recovery Mode On Asus ZenFone

How to enter to recovery mode on Asus ZenFone will be discussed here for those of you who have Asus ZenFone flagships.

Recovery mode contains a list of functionalities of your device and having an Android requires us to know how to access to the recovery mode.


What is recovery mode?

But first off, it’s good to know what is recovery mode, the recovery can refer to the bootable partition restoration using the file installation method, by giving the instructions line to enter to the boot system of the Android device.

Doing so will give you the ability to fix app installation, or can update the OS of an Android powered device.

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How to boot into the recovery mode on Asus ZenFone?

  1. Power off your Asus ZenFone first.
  2. Then press and hold these buttons together; Power + Volume Up.
  3. When your fingers feel the vibration, release the Power button.
  4. Now you will see the following interface.
    How To Recovery Mode On Asus ZenFone
  5. You can either choose the Normal Boot or Recovery Boot using the Volume Up or Down. If you wish to enter to the Recovery Mode. Just choose the Recovery Mode.
  6. You will then see a sleeping Android robot, press and hold Power + Volume UP and then release.
    How To Boot Into Recovery Mode On Asus ZenFone
  7. You are in the recovery mode.
    Enter Recovery Mode On Asus ZenFone

Well done my friends now you have mastered the skill to boot or enter to the recovery mode on your Asus ZenFone and this method can be applied on all Asus ZenFone series.


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