How To Fix Asus Zenfone Stuck At USB Logo

How to fix Asus Zenfone stuck at USB logo, or unable to boot into Droidboot / recovery. Some users complaint that their Asus Zenfone smartphone is unable to enter to Droidboot, instead their beloved device is stuck at USB logo.

When this thing happens, you should know the causes to which lead your device experiencing this error.


And luckily the causes are already identified, you probably have done something technical before this tragedy happened.

So here is a list containing the causes of being stuck at USB logo.

How To Fix Asus Zenfone Stuck At USB Logo
  • Rooting failure.
  • Flashing a wrong custom recovery.
  • Reboot from CMD without firstly unplug your USB cable.
  • Firmware update failures — for example from Android Jelly Bean to Android KitKat or KitKat to Lollipop, etc.
  • Flashing the wrong firmware.
  • Failure while flashing software.

The above are known to be the causes of softbreak, as the result no access for the droiboot but being stuck at USB logo.

So how to fix this issue? You can try a basic tips that I share here, hopefully can fix the problem. Once you have finished applying the methods you will have a normal Asus ZenFone device like it used to.

How to fix Asus ZenFone stuck at USB logo and unable to enter Droidboot.

Method 1.

  1. Power off your Asus Zenfone.
  2. Now press Volume UP, then press Power button for sometime.
  3. When you feel a vibration on your finger, press Volume Down. Hopefully, you will see a sleeping green robot.
  4. Now, press and hold Volume Down. Continue with pressing Volume Up for one time.
  5. You should now entering the Recovery Mode.

Method 2.

If the first method fail, then try the second method below.

  1. Shut down your Asus Zenfone now.
  2. Press Volume Up, then press Power button for sometime.
  3. When your fingers feel vibration, press Volume Down till you see a sleeping green robot.
  4. Now press and hold Power + Volume Up together, then release Volume Up while keeping Power button.
  5. Hopefully, you will boot into the Recovery Mode.

Friendly suggestions, if you fail on the first attempt, try another because you probably made a mistake during the process.

The above two methods are the basic solutions to fix the stuck at USB logo for Asus Zenfone and unable to enter Droidboot mode.

That’s it, hopefully the above methods can fix Asus Zenfone stuck at USB logo problem. Thanks.

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