How To Install LG Stock Firmware On Any LG Devices With LGUP Flash Tool

There is amazingly easy method for all LG users who wish to install the stock ROM / firmware from LG. We are given with a very handy software called LGUP flash tool, that will help us to flash LG stock firmware on LG devices.

Since you are at this page and reading what’s written here, that means you are interested to find out how this LGUP flash tool will assist you flashing any LG stock firmware on your beloved LG powered device. So you will not be disappointed. You’ll get what you wish for.


Why do we need to flash a stock firmware?

The reason is obvious, we want to fix our device due to technical problems such as bricked like bootloop or being stuck at LG’s logo, or we just want to unroot our device to restore everything like before.

To achieve that we need a stock firmware installed on our device. And the process could take sometimes and some efforts, but fortunately we can utilize the LGUP flash tool now that’s provided for free for any LG device owners.

Now you need to get the tool.

How To Install LG Stock Firmware On LG With LGUP Flash Tool

How to use LGUP flash tool to install stock firmware on any LG device


  1. Extract the LGUP flash tool now.
  2. You will then see two files after LGUP flash tool extracted.
  3. Now install the DLL file, afterward you need to install LGUP file to your computer.
  4. You can now run LGUP tool to your computer.
  5. You can now connect LG device to your computer.
  6. LGUP tool will display a list of the device.
  7. Click Upgrade now, select the files path. Locate the KDZ file and you need to choose it.
  8. Click Start button to begin the installation processes.
  9. When the installation processes done, just restart your device.
  10. You can disconnect your device from PC now!

Well done my friend because you have learned all the necessary steps to install stock firmware on any LG device with LGUP flash tool. The processes were easy, right? Of course they are and now all the problems should have been fixed correctly.

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