How To Make WhatsApp Status Invisible

You don’t want people seeing you online on WhatsApp? That’s the same wish my friend told me a few days a go. He thought that his visibility on WhatsApp could cause him trouble. He didn’t reveal what trouble he would experience. But judging his expression I knew it’s a big thing. If you are on the same wagon as my friend and wishing there is a working method to make your WhatsApp status invisible, then you are at the right place. Because make WhatsApp status invisible is possible.

Without a second doubt, WhatsApp is the king now when it comes to Instant Messaging exchange app, every day more and more people install and join to be WhatsApp users. So it’s normal when an app is so loved, then it is expected to be smart one, one of the smart things expected by users in now days is the invisible status or stealth.

How To Hide WhatsApp Online Status

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How to make WhatsApp status invisible, here are working methods for you.

There are methods to hide our online status on WhatsApp, the app itself gives a default option for you to keep yourself unseen from other WhatsApp users. For example if you wish to hide your online status from a certain user, you can utilize the provided options. If you never heard or studied this method then I will elaborate the steps.

  1. Launch WhatsApp.
  2. To Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked > Add New.
  3. Enter the contact you wish to block.

Once you finished with the above steps, then you will no longer be seen by your WhatsApp friends. The all friends in your WhatsApp’s contact will not be able to see your online status, your recent changed profile picture, your last seen. He / she can’t even send you messages anymore. That will make you disappear from their radars.

Hmm…If somewhat you change your mind and want to unblock the contact, simply follow the steps below, do it guys.

Afterwards, if you want to unblock the contact, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts.

But what if you want to hide your status from all your contacts, certainly using the above method will be tiring if you have so many contacts on your WhatsApp app, no worry there is a shorter solution for you.

The following is more simple yet so extreme method to hide your status.

Using the Airplane mode option.

Activate AirPlane Mode

Yes simply activate Airplane mode, then you will be free from any eyes from WhatsApp, none will be able to communicate with you, because you are simply disconnected from WhatsApp and other apps that are running based on internet connection. But does this really what you want? I very much doubt you do.

So what’s the solution for you problem?

An app is what you need.

App will do the job.

We will need an app to deal with your problem. There is an app that is named so obvious. Hide for WhatsApp, is the app among other apps that promising the ability to hide WhatsApp status. However only this one is working, at least from the experience of many people who have tried it.

If you want to have the privacy you always expect when using WhatsApp then I recommend you to install Hide For WhatsApp on your Android powered device.

Make WhatsApp Status Invisible Hide For WhatsApp

Do you want to know more about the Hide For WhatsApp? The following is the official descriptions form the app developer explaining what this app can do for your WhatsApp fun.

Whatsapp despite giving us the option not to show the last time connection makes you appear online when you write or when you read a message, thanks to hide for whatsapp hidden you can now read and answer them without appearing online all from this application.

What differentiates us from other applications.


The app is proven to work and many have dropped their positive reviews and so far no other apps that give the similar ability. It works as it’s advertised. You should try it man.

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