How To Uninstall SuperSU That Can’t Be Uninstalled

How to uninstall SuperSU that can’t be uninstalled. SuperSu is an app that plays the role as a bridge or terminal for a rooted Android device. If your Android is already been rooted then you can manage the root access SuperSu app.

However this app can experience technical errors like not running normally, therefore we are unable to access it due to conflicts with other emulator apps or because the app is not updated accordingly.


So as the result, when we want to unroot our Android device, we will experience troubles because of SuperSu can not be deleted or uninstalled.

Uninstall SuperSU That Can't Be Uninstalled On Android OS Phone

Since you are here, that means you are one of the unlucky persons who are unable to uninstall or erase SuperSu from your Android powered device.

But do not be worry. Because you are at the right place that will guide you through the entire process of uninstalling the SuperSU that is hard to be removed.

How to uninstall SuperSU that can’t be uninstalled on Android.

  1. Install Root Explorer app via Google Play Store.
  2. Once the Root Explorer installed, then open the app, click mount as r/w then change it into RO -> click data folder.
    Uninstall SuperSU That Can't Be Uninstalled On Android OS
  3. Click app folder and then find the superuser app -> eu.chainfire.supersu-1.apk, and delete it.
    Remove SuperSU APP On Android
    Remove SuperSU From Android OS
  4. Back to Root Explorer main menu, click System folder -> click app, then erase the SuperSU app.
    Erase SuperSU System On Android
    Uninstall SuperSU APP On Android OS
    Uninstall SuperSU On Android OS
  5. Done my friend!

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Well done because you can remove SuperSU on your Android OS now.

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