Root Verizon LG G3 47A on Marshmallow VS98547A Firmware

You are here to learn to root Verizon LG G3 47A on Android Marshmallow VS98547A firmware or Android 6.0 VS98547A Marshmallow. Those who are interested to learn on rooting the device can continue reading this instructional post.

As we have already know that recently Verizon network released the official update for LG G3 Model number VS985, the update itself comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the build number of the firmware is VS98547A. If you have upgraded to this official update, you will of course have lost your root access. That’s the unavoidable consequence each time we flash a custom ROM on the rooted Android powered device. None can reject that outcome.


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However let’s not be sad too long, because we still can re-root the device. The Android Marshmallow 47A firmware can be rooted, the process is however not too simple, because it takes several technical actions like flashing number of tools to achieve the rooting stage.

And you need to downgrade your LG G3 device to the 108 firmware, this is the first move, and then flash the Stump to claim the root access, once it’s flashed then you need to flash TWRP recovery to be used in flashing the Marshmallow VS98547A flashable zip file. It’s a complicate actions, right? But don’t worry because you will be guided correctly via this post. And remember don’t skip any steps.

Before we dig into the full instructions then you are recommended to firstly read the following preconditions.

Root Verizon LG G3 47A on Marshmallow VS98547A Firmware


  • Make a necessary backups, since rooting is not approved by LG, therefore this kind of actions can potentially effect your device therefore it’s wise to protect every data you regard important first before starting.
  • Enable your Android debugging mode.
  • A working computer with USB cable and USB drivers ready.
  • The tutorials here is only for the Verizon LG G3 47A device.
  • Your battery should be enough to perform the procedures, if it’s low. Then charge it now. Don’t ignore it.


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Remember to perform the instructions on rooting Verizon LG G3 47A on Marshmallow VS98547A firmware, but all the risks are yours to take, blame none but yourself if you brick or damage your device.

Files you need.

Instructions to root Verizon LG G3 47A on Marshmallow VS98547A firmware.

  1. If you have 10B KDZ firmware file from above.
  2. Now you can flash it, follow the how to install LG stock firmware using LGUP flash tool.
  3. Afterward, you can now root LG G3 on 10B using the Stumproot (The file from above).
  4. Now you can continue flashing TWRP recovery and then install SuperSU app to manage your root system.
  5. The last move is you can now install the Verizon LG G3 Marshmallow VS98547A flashable Zip.
  6. Don’t forget to wipe data/cache via TWRP recovery.
  7. You can now reboot your device via TWRP recovery main menu.

Congratulations because you just did it! You have successfully underwent all the necessary steps to root Verizon LG G3 on Marshmallow 47A firmware. If you have any questions in mind. Don’t be shy to reveal them on the provided comment area. And see you again. Hope you find this post useful.


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