Update Sony Xperia Firmware Offline With Flashtool (Guides)

Update Sony Xperia firmware offline with Flashtool (guides). Today I would like to share a very useful information for all Sony Xperia users, if you haven’t heard the name Flashtool, then you will know what it is.

Flashtool is a handy software that allows you to flash Sony firmware offline. Unlike the OTA method, using Flashtool you don’t need any internet connection.


And Flashtool is offering so many benefits for any Sony Xperia users, the benefits you will not find on other upgrading methods such as Over The Air or any other similar utilities. And to get the clearer pictures here is a list of the benefits.

  • You can repeatedly flash firmware — but you need to firstly have a firmware stored on your PC.
  • You can perform firmware flashing even your device’s is in bootloop condition.
  • You can update your Sony Xperia offline.

So how to use Flashtool?

If you don’t have flashtool, you can grab it via this link and then store it on your computer, and stick with this post to follow the whole tutorials.

Lets you now Download Flashtool for Windows computer.


  • A working Windows computer.
  • A USB cable to connect your Sony Xperia to computer.
  • Enable Android USB debugging mode.
  • Power off your Sony Xperia.
  • Backup any data you regard important, because updating to any firmware will cause you lose your data, so properly backup your data.
  • Your Sony Xperia device should already be unlocked.
  • Follow the guides entirely without skipping anything.

How to flash Sony firmware using Flashtool on any Sony Xperia devices?

Step 1. You need to have a Sony Xperia firmware first, for that you can search on the internet, but I suggest you to browse the XDA developer forums as start. The firmware file has .FTF extension.

Step 2. Once you have the firmware downloaded, put it on the firmware folder inside the Flashtool.

Step 3. Then open the flashtool from your PC.

Flash Sony Xperia OS Offline FlashTool Android

Step 4. Click the thunder icon.

How To Update Sony Xperia Offline With Flashtool

Step 5. And then choose Flashmode.


Step 6. Now you will be told to select which firmware you wish to install, if you have found one, then select that firmware by clicking on it two times or just click Flash button on the buttom, and then wait till a popup message comes like this.

Flashtool Sony Xperia Offline Update Flashmode

Step 7. Just press Volume Down on your device while you connect it to your PC using a USB cable.

Update Sony Xperia OS With Flashtool

Then wait till the flashing process done, after it’s done, disconnect the USB cable and then power on your device.

If you think the processes are to difficult to follow then you still can go to online ways like OTA.

That’s it! You have successfully followed all the required steps to update Sony Xperia firmware offline with Flashtool guides. Congratulations!

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