3 Methods To Fix Force Close Error On Pokemon Go Game

Here are the three methods you can follow to fix Force Close Error on Pokemon Go game. If you are a fan of this most popular roaming game then you should read the complete solution here.

Fix Force Close Error On Pokemon Go Game

The error will of course prevent you to play the recent popular game that is in top charts of the Android game.


Three / 3 methods to fix force close error on Pokemon Go game

Method 1. Perform update.

Make update if there is an update, it could be the error is happening because you haven’t updated to the latest version. If you open Google Play Store app and see there is update available. Just click the update button. This could potentially fix the force close error on Pokemon Go game.

Method 2. Clear data and cache of Pokemon Go game.

Fix Force Close Error On Pokemon Go game
  1. To do so, just launch Settings > Applications / Applications Manager > All Apps.
  2. Scroll down to find the Pokemon Go game.
  3. Once you found it, just tap the game to launch its settings.
  4. For those using Android Marshmallow or newer, just tap Pokemon Go -> Storage to view cache and data option.
  5. Then tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  6. You can now reboot your device.
  7. If you have finished the above step just launch Pokemon Go and you will see the problem has been resolved.

Method 3. Clear cache of your Android device

You can also perform clear cache of your device’s system in case you previously made major changes that somehow effecting your device’s system. The change could also effecting apps stored and installed on your device. So it’s recommended to also clear the cache stored in your device’s system.

To do so please follow the following five steps below.

Fix Force Close Error On Pokemon Go game


  1. Boot your device to the custom or stock recovery.
  2. And then find and select “Wipe Cache or Cache Partition” option.
  3. Then wipe the cache of your device’s system.
  4. Reboot your device now guys.
  5. Now re-open the Pokemon Go game. The problem should be fixed.

Those are the three recommended methods to fix Pokemon Go force close error. Hope they work for you. See you again.

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