Fix GPS Signal Not Found Easily On Pokemon Go

In the Pokemon Go, GPS is playing a very crucial role without it then it’s hard to find the Pokemon nears you. Therefore aside the camera, GPS is a must be working tool for users to be able finding and catching those virtual monsters.

However, the recent found issue found by users is the GPS signal is not found and their Android based phones tell them about it.


If that’s so how come you are told about the location of the monsters. But don’t worry to much. Because only a few steps needed then the problem can be solved. Let’s check it out.

The cause of the problem because usually by default the GPS radios is deactivated, the reason for the deactivation is for saving the phone’s battery from consuming so much by GPS.

How to fix GPS signals not found easily on Pokemon Go?

You will need to undergo the following several steps. But remember some phone may have different location of the GPS, but if you use Android Lollipop and newer, the overall of the options could be the same.

  1. Open your device’s home then go to Settings.
  2. Now find and tap on Location.
    Fix GPS Signal Not Found Easily On Pokemon Go
  3. You need to set the High Accuracy Mode and turn the Location on.
    Fix GPS Signal Not Found Easily On Pokemon Go
  4. Or.
  5. Now back to Settings -> About Phone..
  6. Tap build number for 7 times in order to activate the Developer Options.
  7. Once the developer options is activated, then it will appear on the Settings screen.
  8. Then enter yourself to the developer options and then disable mock locations from there.

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