How To Accurately Throw Pokeballs On Pokemon Go With PokeAimer

How to accurately throw Pokeballs on Pokemon Go will be explained here. If you failed many times to catch Pokemon characters because the Pokeballs you throw didn’t hit the target. Then you should read this post to help you throw PokeBall accurately.

Catching the Pokemons is not as easy as finding them, because our skill on throwing Pokeball is decisive factor to catch the targeted Pokemon.


Did you know that you can now play Pokemon Go without moving but sitting?

But thankfully somebody from XDA comes up with a solution over the Pokeball throwing problem.

Catalyst06 is the developer name, releasing a rooted app namely PokeAimer. With this app installed on your rooted device, then you will increase the accuracy in throwing Pokeball.

Because PokeAimer enables the device’s motion sensor for you to use. This is of course helping us to accurately throw Pokeballs to catch Pokemon monsters that appear on our GPS (Fix GPS signal not found easily on Pokemon Go).

So you should stop being worried over the misaligns when swiping the screen during your Pokemon hunts.

How To Accurately Throw Pokeballs On Pokemon Go With PokeAimer


  • You need to firstly root your Android device to use PokeAimer.
  • To get PokeAimer, you need to join the app’s official community page in Google+.
  • The app is free app.

Note. PokeAimer is still in beta stage. But worry not because the developments is still going.

How to install PokeAimer on Android to accurately throw Pokeballs.

  1. Now join the PokeAimer community page on Google Plus to get the apk file.
  2. Give the root access now.
  3. Deactivate the AR Mode on Pokemon Go.

Well that’s it. You are now the Pokeballs throwing master. Because you can always accurately throw Pokeballs to catch the Pokemon monsters.

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