How To Install Asus ZenFone Mod ROM

Information about official Asus ZenFone 4S Mod ROM for you. Those who have Asus Zenfone 4s in hand can now try an official ROM released by Asus, brings load of features, performances and improvements within.

You should flash the ROM, once you heard its release, of course the consequence for rooted Asus ZenFone 4s will be losing their root access. But on the other hand with the Mod version. You will need root access.


Anyway, this post will inform you the modded version of the official Asus ZenFone 4s ROM, if you want to try something out of default, then you are invited to get this ROM.

What is official mod ROM?

To make the story short, mod ROM is the official Android ROM who have been modified entirely to increase the needed performance of your Android powered device. It depends on the modified system within the ROM. This makes the ROM differs with the official ROM, because you can modify your device interface according your wish using the ZenControl brought by the ROM.

Let’s view the details guys.


  • Asus Zenfone 4S
  • Firmware 5.4.2
  • Already rooted.

Files you need.

How to install Asus Zenfone 4s mod ROM.

  1. Download and place it on the Ext-SDCard.
  2. Now boot into the CWM recovery, the steps is like when you are rooting your handset.
  3. Then choose “Install zip from SDCard” from the CWM recovery, then select the “” until the process done.
  4. When the process done, just select “Go Back” to further choosing “Reboot system now”. And if you get nofitication or question, just select the “Go Back” option.
  5. After loading, just power off your device, then enter to the Stock Recovery and Wipe Data/Factory Reset.


  • StatusBar
  • Clock align, left, right, center.
  • Clock Color & Size, font style
  • Clock format and custom date format, etc
  • Signal align, left, right.
  • Signal Icon Style, Signal data type, Signal Icon Color, Signal Icon Size, etc
  • Statusbar Network and Traffic with customization
  • Battery align, right, left.
  • Battery Icon Style, Battery Icon Size, Battery Icon Color, etc
  • Battery BAR with customization
  • Show/Hide Alarm Icon, Bluetooth Icon, Sound Icon
  • Dropdown
  • Dropdown Layout Style (WIP)
  • Dropdown Header Customization, Header BG with color, Custom Image and OMNI Style
  • Add OMNI BG for custom
  • Dropdown Header clock and date color
  • Dropdwon BG customization with color, stock or Custom Image
  • Carrier Label Option with custom carrier text, Text color, size, alignment left, right, center
  • Notification text color option
  • Framework & System
  • Mokee Listview Animation
  • Advanced power menu with show/hide toggle
  • Add Flashlight, Screenshot, Sound, etc to Power Menu
  • Theme Engine feature
  • Tweak
  • Busybox Installer
  • ADBlock Host Installer
  • Ext-SD Write Enabler
  • Zen Features Installer (glove, duuble tap, one hand)
  • BBM Ads Bloker
  • Soft Reset
  • Enter CWM Recovery
  • More
  • Disable Signature check
  • Direct launch Self test
  • Direct launch SMMI Test
  • ZenControl for Customization
  • Etc.

Hope you find this post useful. Got any question in mind? Just write it down on the provided comment area.

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