Play Pokemon Go Without Moving But Just Sitting

Instructions to play Pokemon Go without moving but just sitting if you are lazy. Post contains the information to play Pokemon Go without walking, running and not moving.

What makes Pokemon Go game interesting and stands out from other games is the game’s theme that requires us to be roamers by walking around the house, neighborhood or anywhere finding and catching the Pokemon characters.


Of course that hunting activity could be tiring us to the level we wish there is some workaround to allow us playing it without the need to move from our position.

Like myself, I like roaming the garden to find the monster, but when I am tired or so lazy I like to play it while I am siting on my cozy chair or bed.

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving But Just Sitting
Play Pokemon Go Without Moving But Just Sitting.

While the fact is, the workaround does exist, I mean it. We can play Pokemon while we sit or lay down on our bed. Let the cursor do the moving jobs, while you are in full relax on your chair.

Here is what we need an Xposed module that’s designed to be your virtual side, and hunting the Pokemon.

Curious how the Pokemon Go Xposed module works? Watch the following video guys.

Interested to give it a try? I provide the full instructions to install the module to your device. However let me reveal a forewarn that this kind of trick could potentially effect your Pokemon Go getting banned by the server.

If you dare to face the risk, continue to the following instructions.

How to play Pokemon Go without moving but just sitting.


  • Enable your Android USB debugging mode.
  • Root your device.
  • Good luck guys.


  1. Install the apk file of the Pokemon Go Xposed module.
  2. Now open Pokemon Go control app.
  3. And play the game, press and hold the map to locate your position.
  4. Now press the play button once your position’s detected.
  5. Open the Pokemon Go now. Use the on-screen controls to roam.

Enjoy the game while you are at your position. At least while drinking a cup of coffee. Nice.

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