Remove Amazon Ads & Bloatware On Moto G4 Lock Screen

Instructions to remove Amazon ads & bloatware from Moto G4 lock screen. Reading this post will assist you removing ads and bloatware installed by Amazon from Moto G4.

In order to showing their ads, Amazon decided to be seller of the Moto G4 which is the latest iteration of the G series. We are offered with very tempting discount if buying the fourth generation of Moto G on Amazon, in total we only need to have $40 to bring the 5.5 inches smartphone.


But of course as I mentioned above, Amazon needs compensations for their own benefits by placing ads on lock screen. This is the consequence that you — as buyers — must bear. But that’s fine considering the very cheap price compared with the phone’s price if you buy it somewhere else.

Not only ads, Amazon also added bloatware to make things more hilarious for users to finally think their device’s hijacked and forced them using things they not need.

Remove Amazon Ads & Bloatware On Moto G4 Lock Screen

So some people get irritated with ads existence, a developer too, that’s why an XDA recognized contributor namely Tomsgt, released an xml based file to help us removing the ads along with bloatware from our Moto G4.

If you feel sorrow with the ads and bloatware you can remove them once and for all, fortunately Amazon has made the process easy.

For those who haven’t bought this phone, and read this post, then decide to get rid the intention to buy Moto G4 then don’t be because you still can buy the phone from other place, but of course with higher prices.

However this offer only for US. therefore if you live outside the country, then you are not going to find this generous offer. So no worry.


How to remove Amazon ads and bloatware on Moto G4 lock screen?


  • Only apply the tutorials written on this post if your device is Moto G4 — and the method has been tested and proven work on X71625 and XT1644.
  • Make sure that your computer has already Moto G drivers installed.
  • Motorola program RSDlite 6.2.4 or just utilize the RSD-Flash Script for both Mac or Linux (Extract the file).
  • Now grab this file remove-amazon-bloat.xml.
  • Enable Android USB debugging mode on your Moto G4.

Instructions to remove Amazon ads and bloatware on Moto G4.

For non-rooted Moto G4.

  1. You need to boot your Moto G4 to fastboot mode now, do so by using Volume Down + Power.
  2. Now boot your Moto G4 into fastboot mode (Volume Down + Power).
  3. Now launch the RSDlite 6.2.4 and then choose remove-amazon-bloat.xml.
  4. You can press Start to begin the removing action.
  5. Done now the ads and bloatware will be gone for good.

For non-rooted Moto G4.

  1. If your Moto G4 is rooted, then what you need is simply flashing the image using the following command line.

    fastboot flash oem oem.img

  2. Hit enter to begin the process.
  3. Once done, you need to reboot your device.

You did it my friend, now there are no more either ads or bloatware from Amazon will messing your Moto G4, congratulations.

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