Root Xiaomi Mi5 & Install TWRP Recovery (Instructions)

Here we will guide you to install TWRP recovery and root Xiaomi Mi5, so if you are interested then you can prepare anything needed to start. Xiaomi Mi5 is a great smartphone, it comes with a pack of great features in hand. Now the device is supported with the official TWRP recovery. You can expect good things come afterward because TWRP is indeed offering awesomeness.

The benefits of having a non-stock recovery image on our device, is of course to perform several things that are impossible to be performed by the stock recovery image such as rooting. Once we have TWRP recovery installed, then we can further installing a stable SuperSU package via TWRP on our device. It will then manage your root access.


SuperSu is not designed to modify our device’s core system, this is good because nothing very crucial is changed, and the consequence your device is still be recognized and will continue receiving OTA updates from manufactures. The root package will also force SELinux policy to run in enforcing mode not permissive mode, so you can expect more secure environment.

Root Xiaomi Mi5 & Install TWRP Recovery (Instructions)

If you are interested, then I invite you to install the official TWRP recovery on Xiaomi Mi5 of yours, but please to firstly read the following preconditions.


  • Be sure you have a working Windows PC, a USB cable, and USB drivers installed.
  • Enable USB debugging mode.
  • Have enough batter power.

Note. Perform the instructions to flash TWRP recovery and root Mi5 from this post. But all the risks that could happen are yours to bear.

A file you need.

Download Xiaomi Mi5 TWRP Recovery (.img).

Instructions to root Mi5 and Install TWRP recovery

  1. You need to install TWRP recovery from fastboot.
  2. (First off you need to firstly download the .img file from above).
  3. Then enter the TWRP recovery mode to make backup via the available recovery options.
  4. Flash SuperSU zip via TWRP recovery to get the SuperSU running to Mi5 device.


Well done guys. You just finished following the entire steps to flash TWRP recovery image and root your beloved Xiaomi Mi5. Any questions should be revealed on the provided comment area and I will respond you as soon as I can. See you again.

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