How To Block / Unblock Number On Google Duo App?

Here is the full instructions for you to block or unblock phone number on Google Duo app. Anyone wishing to block a certain phone number from making a video call with you on Google Duo app or even unblock the blocked number can read the guides and you will be thankful.

Certainly you have heard the latest Google’s amazing app namely Google Duo to which you can make video call with any persons as long as their phone numbers are already saved in your device’s contact.


The app works similar to Skype in regard of video calling activity. And Google performs amazingly well too. That means you will get a very clear voices and a quality visual while video calling with friends.

Google Duo App

However because of that easiness anyone can video call you, albeit you don’t feel liking to make video call with him/her. As I mentioned earlier as long as they’re numbers listed on your contact book. And they have this app installed. They can invite you to have a video call.

That would be something we don’t like to do.

So how to block the numbers from video calling us on Google Duo? Will be discussed here. Just follow the full instructions.

How to block a number on Google Duo app?

  1. Launch the Google Duo app — learn to install Google Duo.
  2. Then click on the menu — You know the 3 dot menu (Three Dots Menu) appears on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Choose Settings from there.
  4. Now choose Blocked numbers on Duo settings. (Here you will view all the blocked phone number listed neatly).
    How To Block / Unblock Number On Google Duo App?
  5. If you wish to add more number, simply tap on + icon on the top-right corner to add a new number from your contacts to be blocked.

    Remember the number to be blocked must be from contacts. That means you can block numbers that are not saved on your contacts.

  6. Finish!
  7. You won’t be bothered anymore mate!

How to unblock the blocked phone number on Google Duo app?

In case you’ve changed your mind and want to unblocked the previous blocked phone number on Google Duo app, the steps as follow.

  1. Do from step 1 till 3 on the how to block a number section above.
  2. Now in the blocked numbers area, find the number you wish to unblock.
  3. Simply tap and hold on the number, a popup will appear, then tap on unblock.

Well done my friend you will find yourself free now from being invited to video call by someone you believe won’t be a good chatter on the video.

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