Download MotoChopper Tool (All Versions) To Root Android

One of the rooting methods available for the Motorola devices is MotoChopper Tool, ant it’s been proven to work in rooting several Motorola devices.

And apparently the tool can also be used to root various non Motorola devices too. It’s kind like universal rooting method.


MotoChopper is simply an app to root, the process takes a single click root, flash the along with Busybox.

Now you are invited to download MotoChopper tool (all versions) and to learn on how to root Android using Motochopper Tool.

But before we get into the main topic, I suggest you to firstly read the preconditions sections, please.


Download MotoChopper tool (All Versions).

Motochopper_v1.1 (Latest)

How to root Android with MotoChopper tool

  1. Extract the MotoChopper tool you just downloaded on your PC.
  2. Then connect your device to computer using the available USB cable.
  3. Now you need to open a command prompt window, do so by Shift + Right click then select Open Command Window here.
  4. Now execute the following command lines on the command prompt window.

    cd desktop
    cd motochopper

  5. Grant the connect on the device.
    Root Android With MotoChopper Tool
  6. The rooting procedures will begin, once done check the SuperSU app whether it’s there on your device.
  7. Well done guys.

You have rooted your Android now then you can actualize your dream to tweak your device to the level of your dream.


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