Download SUT L3 Tool (Latest Version)

Download SUT L3 Tool (latest version). SUT L3 Tool to flash stock firmware on the Intel Chipset powered device. Using it you can update your U8850 Vision smart device to the newest stock firmware.

To use SUT L3 Tool you need to firstly connect your device to computer and then choose the image file containing the update, and you will see this tool will execute the needed components.


You can utilize this tool to fix several technical issues like bootloop, force close to apps, mistakenly install the wrong apps. The SUT L3 Tool can be used to install update so the problems may be solved.

Now you can download the latest SUT L3 version from the following link.

Download SUT L3 Tool



Download SUT L3 Tool (Latest Version)

The features offered by SUT L3 Tool are.

  • User friendly interface. You will easily navigate and use this tool because all the existing menu and interface are so descriptive.
  • Installer. You need to firstly install the package to your computer to use it.
  • Inbuilt Drivers. That means you will find USB drivers with all the needed setup file that will be installed automatically on your PC with SUT L3 tool. However if you want to uninstall SUT L3 Tool in the future, the drivers will not removed along. You need to uninstall the drivers separately.

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