Infinix Flash Tool

Download Infinix Flash Tool for your Infinix smartphone or tablet based on Mediatex chip-set. With Inifinix Flash Tool you can do several useful things one of which is flashing firmware to your device.

It supports only Windows based computer, precisely Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


Features offered by Infinix Flash Tool.

User friendly interface. This tool offers a very easy to use interface to prevent you from getting confused. You will find a simple yet straight-forward interface to operate. On its window there are three buttons to use such as Browse, Start and Stop. Of course Browse is used to get the file on your PC, while Start button is used to begin the file flashing and Stop button to be used to stop the flashing procedures anytime you need guys.

No need to be installed. You don’t need to install Infinix Flash Tool to your computer. Simply download the file and then extract it, to launch the tool just click on the flash_tool.exe.


Install stock firmware. You can flash stock firmware using this tool on your Mediatek based device. The process requires only one-single click. Browse the file, then hit the Start button. And then wait for the firmware flashing processes to be done.

It supports CDC and VCOM drivers. Your computer must have either Android CDC or VCOM driver to use Infinix Flash Tool. That’s needed for the tool to detect your Android device.

It’s a free tool. No need to spend a dollar to get this tool. Just grab it to your computer. Then do the needed activities.

Download Infinix Flash Tool

Infinix Flash Tool

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