Download OnePlus USB & ADB Driver

Download OnePlus USB & ADB driver. OnePlus USB driver is what you need if you wish to transfer file / content from device and computer, vice versa. This Windows supported utility released officially by OnePlus to help their users doing file transfers without a fuss.

Not only that, this utility can also be used to install stock ROM to your OnePlus device via preloader driver.


And the USB drives I am now sharing now is only supporting Windows operating system computer.

And on this post I have listed all the available OnePlus USB driver for various models for you to choose.

Remember the following OnePlus USB & ADB driver are developed and released by OnePlus Mobile Inc, for further assistance and supports should be delivered to the OnePlus official page and not to here.


Download OnePlus USB & ADB Driver

Download OnePlus USB & ADB driver


OnePlus One (OnePlus 1) Get USB Driver
OnePlus Two (OnePlus 2) Get USB Driver
OnePlus X (Onyx) Get USB Driver
OnePlus Three (OnePlus 3) Get USB Driver
OnePlus Three T (OnePlus 3T) Get USB Driver
OnePlus Five (OnePlus 5) Get USB Driver

How to install OnePlus USB driver on computer?

  1. Download and then extract the USB driver to your PC.
  2. Now launch Device Manager, click on Add the Legacy Hardware menu.
  3. Then click the Next button.
  4. Choose Install the Hardware that I select on a list.
  5. Grab the extracted driver to your PC. And then Add.
  6. Now you will see that the driver is installed in the Device Manager.

I hope you find this post useful for you.

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