Download XperiFirm For Downloading Sony Firmwares

Download XperiFirm – Sony Firmware Flash Tool for your Xperia device. We have a great tool for you to share to download the latest firmware ever released by Sony. If you have been downloading the firmware manually now you can do it instantly using the XperiFirm.

This handy tool provides you with the available firmware for various Sony Xperia devices. With it you can simply launch the tool and via all the provided firmware for you to choose to download. The process is quite simple just launch the tool and it will connect the servers and then presenting you with a list of firmware. Here you can download the latest firmware for your device or even other firmware.


However the shortcoming of this tool is only let you download the firmware but don’t provide an ability to install the firmware as well. So you will need to install the firmware you download manually. And it doesn’t come with USB drivers.

And XperiFirm supports all most used operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you are interested to know more then you can continue reading what it actually offers to you.

And here is the XperiFirm interface once you open the tool on your computer.

Download XperiFirm - Sony Firmware Flash Tool


Features of XperiFirm.

The following are the features you will enjoy from XperiFirm.

  • Supports all Xperia devices. This tool supports all the Sony Xperia models so there is nothing to worry whether your device is supported or not by it.
  • It will find the latest firmware smartly for your device. Once your device is connected then it will automatically check the available and latest firmware for your device.
  • Pause and resume download. There are options to download and at the same time to pause and resume download, so you can relax for downloading business.
  • Supports accessory firmwares. This tool supports Smart Watch Line. And also presents all the available firmware for your device. That means your Smart Watch can be restored to stock settings via XperiFirm.

Download XperiFirm for downloading Sony firmwares.

As I mentioned earlier that XperiFirm supports all major computer whether it’s based on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. So you can download from the following links. Pick one that is latest version though.



  • For Windows XP SP3. You must firstly install .NET Framework 4.0.
  • For Windows Vista/7. You must firstly install .NET Framework 4.6 RC.
  • Windows 8/8.1/10. You must install .NET framework.

Hope you find this post useful.

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