How To Install TWRP And Root Galaxy J3

Do you want to install TWRP recovery and root Samsung Galaxy J3? Then you need to read this post as we will guide you through the entire process to flash the TWRP recovery on Galaxy J3 and root it afterward.

Recently TeamWain released an official build TWRP recovery for the Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320YZ. Once we have the TWRP recovery installed on Galaxy J3 then we are handed with two rooting options. The first option is flashing the by Chainfire. And the second choice is using Magisk Systemless that gives us more freedoms such ability to bypass safetynet check so we can use Android Pay and also play Pokemon Go.


The decision is yours to make and I will provide the tutorials for all the available options for you to choose.

How to install TWRP and root Galaxy J3

How To Install TWRP And Root Galaxy J3


  • Backup all your existing data, because it is needed to restore later in case of need.
  • Flashing this kind of non-official app could cause you loose your device’s warranty.
  • Be sure you follow all the instructions given on this post and do not skip anything.
  • Charge your device’s battery before proceeding, avoid a shutdown during the process because it will effect negatively to your device.
  • Make sure you only apply these guides on your Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320YZ only.
  • A computer with a USB cable that are needed for file transferring between device and PC.
  • Enable USB debugging mode now.
  • Install Samsung Galaxy J3 USB drivers.
  • Once the TWRP flashing procedures done you can continue to root your device.


  1. Now download the TWRP recovery for Samsung Galaxy J3 .tar to your computer.
  2. Then install TWRP recovery on your device using Odin and PC.
  3. Once the TWRP is fully installed then you need to boot to TWRP recovery and perform a Nandroid backup using the Backup option provided on TWRP recovery.
  4. It is time to obtain the root access, there are two options available for you, choose one you need most.
    1. SuperSU zip. If you simply want to have a root access without the need to baypassing the Safetynet verification and don’t feel need playing Pokemon and or using Android Pay. Then head to this instruction; how to flash SuperSU via TWRP Recovery.
    2. Magisk system interface. Or if you want to enjoy more freedoms such as disable root access anytime, using Android Pay and playing games, then learn it from how to install Magisk systemless root on Android.
  5. Finish.

Well that’s it. All the needed information has been revealed. You are decision maker. Hope you find ones that you need most. Anyway, if you find this post useful and wish to make the world know it. Don’t be a stranger to share it on the available social networking sites.

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