Tutorials To Install TWRP Recovery On HTC One X9

Here I will share to you tutorials to install TWRP recovery on HTC One X9, the procedures are quite simple because they only take several steps.

Those who have experiences on installing or updating new custom recoveries on their HTC phones should be familiar with this kind of activity.


The benefits we will have if having TWRP recovery installed is rooting our device, flashing custom ROMs and Kernels and other tools that can help improve our device’s performances.

Tutorials To Install TWRP Recovery On HTC One X9


  • Only apply the tutorials here to the bootloader unlocked HTC One X9. Do not even think to try on any other models.
  • Backup your data.
  • Enable your device’s USB debugging mode.
  • Follow the entire instructions and do not skip any steps.
  • Installing custom recovery like TWRP will nullify your existing device’s warranty.
  • You need to have HTC Sync Manager installed on your computer.
  • You need to have ADB and Fasboot drivers installed on your computer. (See how to install ADB & Fasboot drivers on computer).

If you have completed all the points from preconditions section above then read the instructions below.

How to install TWRP recovery on HTC One X9.

  1. Connect your device to computer using a USB cable.
    Connect Smartphone To PC Computer
  2. Now you need to download TWRP  (twrp-3.0.2-0-e56ml.img) and then copy and paste it to the android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory.
  3. Now open Fasboot/Bootloader mode inside your PC, do so by go inside the android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory and then open command prompt by pressing Shift button + Right click-> Open Command Prompt).
  4. Once you have opened Command Prompt, type this command  and then click Enter to reboot.
    • adb reboot bootloader
      How to install TWRP recovery on HTC One X9
  5. Your device will reboot to Fastboot Mode. And once it’s done head to the next step below.
  6. Now type the following command then Enter.
    • fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0-e56ml.img
      Install TWRP HTC One M9 CMD Phone
  7. Once the flashing completed, select Recovery from Fasboot menu and then enter to the Recovery Mod.
  8. Inside Recovery Mode, you need to use Volume Keys to navigate up and down.
  9. To complete the process now you can reboot your device by utilizing the reboot system now option from recovery interface.

Done! Because now your HTC One X9 is now powered with TWRP recovery. You should be happy !

How to enter to the Recovery Mode on HTC One X9?

Just power off your device, then press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time, then you will be brought to the TWRP recovery menu to start enjoying all the provided features.

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