Debloat CM13, CM14.1 Of CM Apps With This Flashable Zip File

When we are thinking of having the non-stock ROM installed, we expect something different from it. One of which is the ROM should not come with futile apps – debloat apps — that of course the reasons we root our device to get to the core system to claim the abilities of getting rid off these kind useless of apps.

And unexpectedly the famous CyanogenMod itself has it own apps that for some users they shouldn’t be there. Because instead of being useful, they make things harder. For example the AudioFX that is reported to reduce the speaker volume into very low level.


Fortunately a developer namely pogui from XDA has came out with a workaround to deal with the debloating apps on CM ROM, you can utilize his simple recovery flashable zip that will automatically get rid off the CM apps. Do you want to know what they are. Read the following.

  • AudioFX (Effecting to device’s speaker to low).
  • CMFileManager.
  • DownloadProviderUi (Only an app that display download folder).
  • Eleven.
  • Gello.
  • Stk.
Debloat CM13, CM14.1 Of CM Apps With This Flashable Zip File

If you are here in finding on how to get rid off those apps, then you can flash the following script that is different version of CM. Wuth it you can debloat the CM13 and CM14 and the following are the download links of the script.

Download CM Debloat Script

How to flash Systemless root on Android with PHH SuperUser.

To install the script above simply flash the zip file like flashing any other zip file via custom recovery mode.

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