Download & Install Gapps For CM14 / CM14.1 Android 7 Nougat

Download & install Gapps for CM14 / CM14.1 Android 7 Nougat. Guys today I would like to share the information about Gapps for CM14 or CM14.1 ROM, so if you are using either CM14 or CM14.1 then you should also install the Gapps as well. Without doing so then you will not have all the apps officially from Google that are very important.

Google app or Gapps is containing all the applications that are officially developed, maintained and released by Google. The apps like Gmail, Google Play Store, Calender, Google+ and so on are the apps we use daily on our Android based device. Without them our Android doesn’t look like one.


And currently the custom ROM such as CM or CyanogenMod doesn’t include the Gapps, therefore during our effort to flash the custom ROM, we are required to also flash the Gapps separately. And that’s the requirement we can avoid. On this post I share to you the download links of Gapps for CM14 and CM14.1 custom ROM. Those who are searching these kind of applications can come to this page now.

CM14 and newer are based on the Android 7 Nougat, therefore all the apps from Google must be supporting the Nougat. Therefore you need to update your existing apps to the latest ones. And do not worry you can get them all here.

Alright before begin, I would like you to read the additional information, please.

Download & Install Gapps For CM14 / CM14.1 Android 7 Nougat


  • Your device must already have CM14 or CM14.1 installed.
  • Your device should already have either CWM or TWRP recovery installed. Learn to install TWRP recovery on Android.
  • Make backup first.

Download Gapps for CM14 or CM14.1 ROM.

How to install Gapps on any Android device?

Follow the instructions and all the risks are yours to bear.

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the Gapps on your PC, then connect your PC to your Android phone or tablet guys using the USB cable. Then transfer the zip file of Gapps for CM14 or CM14.1 Nougat to your device’s SD card.
  2. Turn off your Android device, then disconnect it from USB cable, do it now.
  3. Boot your device into the Recovery Mode / TWRP Mode using the keys combinations set by your device’s manufacturer.
  4. Inside the TWRP main menu find and tap the Install button. Then find the Gapps for CM14 or CM14.1 Nougat zip file you transferred earlier to your Android device’s SD card.
    Install Button TWRP Recovery Android
    Choose Zip File TWRP Recovery
  5. Confirm the installation by swiping the Swipe to Confirm Flash button then the installation process will be started now.
    Swipe To Confirm
  6. After it’s finish, you will see something like this on your screen, see.
    TWRP Finished Install
  7. You can reboot your device now using the Reboot System button.
    TWRP Reboot System
  8. Finish.

Well done you have successfully installed the Gapps for CM14 / CM14.1 Android 7 Nougat. Congratulation. See you again.

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