Flash Stock ROM On Vivo With SP Flash Tool

How to flash stock ROM on Vivo with SP Flash Tool. Hi guys today I would like to share to you on how to install stock ROM on Vivo device with SP Flash Tool. The procedures of using SP Flash Tool are exactly the same like you flash stock ROM to other Android device.

Flashing a stock ROM or firmware on Vivo devices will bring back your device to the stock state. That means everything will be in state of the factory environment and conditions. Thus all the additional tweaks and apps you have installed on your device will be deleted and some of them will be replaced with the stock software for example custom recovery will be substituted with stock recovery.


Therefore if you want to keep those contents then you are recommended to make backups, Nandroid backup is the first thing you need to use to entirely backup your data so you can restore back once the stock ROM installed. And remember, your root access will also be gone as this stock ROM will restore your device kernel.

Flash Stock ROM On Vivo With SP Flash Tool

Download the following files


  • A computer with a working USB cable.

How to install stock ROM on Vivo device with SP Flash Tool?

Follow the instructions without skipping anything and be sure you have made backups.

  1. Power Off your Vivo device and remove the battery (If the battery is removable).
    Power Off Android
  2. Launch the SP Flash Tool that you downloaded earlier to your computer.
    Install Stock ROM On Android SP Flash Tool Tutorials
  3. Now on the SP Flash Tool click on the Scatter Loading button, look the below picture as reference.
    Scatter File Stock ROM Install
  4. You need to browse the scatter file which you saved the Vivo Stock ROM in .txt extension.
    Install Stock ROM on Lenovo Device
  5. The process will load the Vivo stock ROM scatter file.
  6. You can now click Download button and see the picture below.
    How to install Lenovo A616 stock ROM
  7. Connect USB cable to PC then connect USB cable to your Vivo device (Remember your Vivo must be turned OFF and its battery is removed (If the battery is removable), then put the battery back to your Vivo while pressing Volume Up (+) or Volume Down, so your PC can detect your device. This action will automatically begin the flashing process.
  8. Wait for the flashing process to finish, you can take a cup of tea while waiting, :)).
  9. When you see this round green notification that means the Vivo stock ROM was successfully installed, congratulation then guys.
    Install Lenovo Stock ROM Tutorials
  10. Unplug your device from its USB cable now then take off the battery of your Vivo device.
  11. Then place the battery again on the Lenovo of yours and then power on your device.

Awesome guys because you have successfully installed Stock ROM on your Vivo with SP Flash Tool.

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