Install Viper4Android On Huawei Mate 9

How to install Viper4Android on Huawei Mate 9. Surely you have heard about Viper4Android, the sound mod that will increase the quality of your device’s sound, including musics, etc. The mod can be installed on any Android devices, however it inclines to only support the AOSP ROM or the ROM that works similar to stock ROM.

As for the Huawei Mate 9 is powered with the Android OS that’s not purely a stock, therefore installing the Viper4Android takes some movements which is ‘removal script’, to further install the zip file of SuperSU. Yes, mentioning about SuperSU, your device should already be rooted first.


That’s because Viper4Android can work with SELinux set to Enforcing, that’s the default setting on Android KitKat version and above.

And SuperSU can copy the 00selinux script brought in the V4A to /system/etc/init.d/ then execute at boot to alter the SELinux permission automatically. As for the phh’s SuperUser needs to manually change it.

I invite you to also read how to install Viper4Android on any Android Nougat devices.

If you are interested to install Viper4Android on Huawei Mate 9, then continue your reading to preconditions section.

Install Viper4Android On Huawei Mate 9


  • Remember! Root access is needed. You haven’t rooted your device? Then root it first with SuperSU from Chainfire.
  • Your device should already have TWRP recovery installed. Follow the guides on how to install TWRP on any Andriod device.
  • Make backup first before proceeding.
  • Make sure your device’s battery power is sufficient to perform the guides here.


This action takes system files, doing so can be a risky job. should not be held responsible for any possible results such as bricking during the procedures. So proceed at your own risk. However, many users have tested it and end up with success stories. So, you will not encounter any troubles I hope.


How to install Viper4Android on Huawei Mate 9?

Follow all the steps and do not ignore any of them.

  1. You need to flash the zip file of Viper4Android to your device. Do so by transferring the zip file to your device and then shut it down.
  2. Now press and hold Power + Volume Up buttons at the same time till your device showing Huawei logo. So release the buttons at this phase.
  3. Now you are on the recovery mode. For TWRP recovery mode, just tap on Install to further choosing the
  4. Then confirm the installation by Swipe to flash.
  5. Reboot after the installation has been completed.

For Chainfire’s SuperSU users, that means your job is done. You are now spoiled with the great audio experience with Viper4Android app. Open the app, allow it to install drivers if asked.

But if you use phh’s SuperUser, open the SELinuxToggler app, you will be asked for Superuser access then grant it. Tap the button saying “Permissive.” Done.

Well done my friend because you have successfully installed Viper4Android on Huawei Mate 9.

Via XDA forum.

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