3 Methods To Fix Android Can’t Detect SD Card

3 methods to fix Android can not detect microSD  (SD card). You are here to find out how to correctly fix the undetected microSD (SD card) on your Android as currently you notice that your Android device is unable to read the SD card. That would be awful considering that your precious digital contents are stored in that removable flash memory card. So the question is how to fix it? Be patient guys just keep reading.

We all know that the SD card or external memory is very important to be used as the second storage for our content. But this card — unfortunately – can be damaged as the result our Android OS is unable to read it. In that situation you won’t be able to open all the media contents you are urgently need.


So to solve the problem then here I offer you 4 most used methods that people usually utilize to fix undetected SD card.

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The causes that usually make your SD card can’t be detected by Android are.

  • You probably take off your SD card too often, this could make your SD card dirty or oily or before you take off your SD card you don’t turn off your device first.
  • Probably your SD card is infected by virus or malware, therefore it’s suggested to update your Antivirus on PC, because in many cases virus can infiltrate your Android device during it’s connected to PC.
  • Too much data within your memory could also cause this problem, therefore it’s advised to spare free space on your SD card storage.

3 methods to fix Android can not detect microSD  (SD card)

Rub your SD card gently.

  1. Now take off your SD card from its place, remember to firstly power off your device before doing it.
  2. Then clean your MicroSD at the chopper piece (The gold yellow color part) using a soft white color rubber eraser. Rub this part very gently, you won’t make your SDcard more damage by your rough move.
    SDCard Can Not Be Read On Android
  3. If it’s clean, now put the SD card to the memory slot of your device now, then power your device on again, then check whether your SDcard can be detected now.

Erase your SD card content

This is a tough job, you need to erase your SD card cleanly, if the first method failed.

  1. Turn on your devcie then go to “Setting > Storage”
  2. Within the Settings find the Erase SD card. Remember that erasing SD card content, means you will wipe out your entire content, your SD card will be empty as you first time bought it.
    Erase SD Card
  3. Done.

Take computer or laptop to participate

  1. Now use your USB cable to connect your device to computer.
  2. Be sure that your device’s connected to computer in Mass storage mode (MSC), but not in the Media transfer mode (MTP).
  3. Now open Windows Explorer, right-click on memory card driver, choose Properties > Tools > Error Checking, now wait for the processes to complete.
    Fix Android Can Not Detect SD Card
  4. You can eject your memory card, to find out whether it’s detected.

That would be all methods that you can choose one of them or try them all to fix the SD card can’t be detected by Android OS.

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