Solutions To Fix Odin Can’t Detect Samsung Galaxy Device

Odin is a very handy tool and it’s used frequently to customize Samsung Galaxy devices. This tool is probably the first option for you to perform any customization. But sometimes, obstacles could happen before you make that customization. Albeit you have prepared everything required such as Firmware, USB, a fully-charged phone battery, and of course have downloaded Odin.

Solutions To Fix Odin Can't Detect Samsung Galaxy Device

During the customization processes, once your device is already in Download Mode, and Odin is already opened on your computer, your next move is to connect your Samsung Galaxy device to computer.


But things bad happen, Odin fails to detect your device albeit you have use USB cable to plug it to the available USB port on your computer. Odin doesn’t show any sign of detecting, no Addedd!!! of course.

That would stop every process you wish to do. And on this post we will try to learn the causes that which make Odin can’t detect your Samsung Galaxy device albeit it’s already connected to Windows OS computer or your laptop.

By this issue I am interested to share a few thoughts to you about the exact reasons or the most found culprits that prevent Odin from detecting your Android devices. Well if you are interested to learn about this technical problem then read on guys!

The causes and solutions for Odin can’t detect Samsung Galaxy device connected to computer can be found on this post to help you all deal with the problem now.

Solutions to fix Odin can’t detect Samsung Galaxy device

Make sure you have installed the correct USB drivers for your device.

Most of the time, the reason Odin is unable to identify your device because there is no installed drivers on PC for your device. Usually Windows OS PC will automatically install your device’s drivers. However, the Windows doesn’t do its job. Probably because you are not connected to computer or probably the auto-update driver option is disabled.

Solution to fix USB drivers problem

You can install your device drivers using the CD Driver you got when buying your device. If not, you can Google for your device’s driver with keyphrase such as Driver for … (Type your device’s model number). Google will then show all the results. Then when you find your device’s driver install it.

Broken USB cable or bad quality USB cable

This could be the second reason that avoids Odin to detect your Samsung Galaxy device. Odin is known to be very sensitive with broken or damaged USB cable or has low quality, so the consequence is unable to recognize your device. Do you want to know why Odin refuses to work with this kind of USB cable? Because the Odin’s developers do their best to anticipate failure during the customization process. So imagine what will happen to your device, when you are in the process of flashing a firmware, a custom recovery or root tool then your computer loose connection with your device because of that damaged USB cable. The processes will be ceased right away. And the possible bad consequences such as bricks or bootloop to your device could happen.

Solution to fix broken USB cable

Be sure your USB cable is in good condition and originally for your Samsung Galaxy’s model number. And also USB drivers should be supported by your Samsung Galaxy device guys.

Corrupted Odin

Probably the cause of this problem is Odin. But it rarely happens, but sometimes it does. By the information from people I red their experiences. Odin is not perfectly installed or the file is corrupted.When that happens, you will get a pop-up notification saying Odin is corrupted. But sometimes it opens but doesn’t detect your device.

Solution to fix corrupted Odin

You can re-download Odin (Head to Odin download page). Then install it on your Windows PC. Ok.

Your USB port could be broken

This also a cause of fail to detect Samsung Galaxy device by Odin. The familiar sign to this is there is no any notifications from your computer when you have connected your device to PC on Task Bar of your Windows PC. This happens because your USB port hardware is damage or probably get dirty.

Solution to fix a broken USB port

Try to change to another USB port or clean the dirty USB port.

If you have managed the problem then you can proceed to the following tutorials.

That would be all the possible causes and fix or solutions I can offer for Odin can’t detect Samsung Galaxy device connected to Windows computer. If you have another accurate methods that are not found on this post then don’t be a shy person to share them to us.

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