Download MTK USB All Drivers (All versions)

Download MTK USB All drivers (All versions) for Windows OS. In case you are thinking to connect your Mediatek (MTK) Chipset device to computer in order to flash a stock ROM, or IMEI or any other files then you need to make sure your computer has MTK USB All drivers installed.

So you can perform all the needed activities from your computer to your MTK chipset based device.


And on this post I have listed all the MTK USB All drivers for you to download. And aside from that I also give you the brief features that this driver is offering to you. Anyway, once you have the drivers installed on your PC you can flash stock ROM using SP Flash Tool for Windows.

Features of MTK USB All Drivers

Download MTK USB Drivers (All versions)

Connecting device to Windows PC.

Helps you connect your Mediatek chipset based device to PC to further transferring files needed to be installed to your device. However this procedure requires you to enable USB debugging on Mediatek chipset device first.

Flashing stock ROM.
If your device is having a bootloop or is not turning on, and you want to flash the stock firmware to fix the bootloop then in that case MTK USB All Driver allows you connect the device to the computer.

With the MTK USB All drivers you are able to install stock ROM to help you unbrick your Mediatek device or simply upgrade your device’s OS version to the newer version.

Flashing IMEI.

It’s a widely known problem that sometimes MTK VCOM or CDC Drivers can’t recognize your smart device while trying to write IMEI with SN Write Tool for that MTK USB All driver can help your device detected!

Download MTK USB All Drivers (All versions)

Find the version you desire.

Download MTK USB All Drivers v1-0-1

File Name; mtk-usb-v1-0-1 — Latest version !
Size; 54.56 MB.
Supports; Windows Operating System.


Download MTK USB All Drivers v0.9.7

File Name; MTK_USB_All_v0.9.7.
Size; 45.09 MB.
Supports; Windows Operating System.


Download Universal ADB Driver v2.0

File Name; MTK_USB__v0.9.0.
Size; 30.90 MB.
Supports; Windows Operating System.



Windows computer only. MTK USB All Drivers supports any Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

Comes as installer. MTK USB All Drivers is also able to take role as installer. There are two version which are v1.0.1 and v1.0.2 to be installed to your PC with only a few clicks!

Alternative Driver. For an alternative that is regarded a better one then please to head to the MTK Driver Auto Installer.

A free software. MTK USB All drivers is a free software.

Credits. Credit should go to the

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