Download RockChip Batch Tool To Flash IMG Firmware

Download RockChip Batch tool if you are thinking to flash IMG firmware on any RockChipset based devices such as RK3188, RK2918, RK3066. Because the tool is designed only to support RockChipset chip device.

RockChip Batch Tool is maintained and developed by Fuzhou Rockchip the company that provides chip solutions for smartphones or tablets. And the tool is free to download and install to your computer.


If you are interested to install the tool then please to proceed to the whole the article now!

RockChip Batch Tool main features

Supports multiple devices.

The RockChip tool can be used for various devices whether it’s a smartphone or tablets. As long as they are using Rockchip as the chipset.

User friendly interface.

Once you have the tool installed, launch it then you will find the interface is very straight-forward that means you will easily know what to do to achieve your goals.

Perform the guides but all the possible risks during or after following the guides are yours to hold.

Language support feature.

Since RockChip Batch tool was designed to serves worldwide users then many earthly languages are available for you to choose for your pleasure.

Flash stock ROM.

As I mentioned earlier that you can use the RockChip Batch tool to flash any IMG firmware.

Free software.

This is a free software to download and then to be installed.

Download RockChip Batch Tool To Flash IMG Firmware

Download RockChip Batch tool (All Models)

More information.


  • Windows XP.
  • Windows 7.
  • Windows 8/8.1.
  • Windows 10.


You need the right USB driver installed on your computer in order for the RockChip Batch to run properly.

Credits. Fuzhou Rockchip Inc.

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