Download Stock ROM For Lenovo A590

Download stock ROM for Lenovo A590 from here. In the quest to make the most of our device, we usually take the roads that could effect negatively to our device’s performance. The roads we use to boost up our device’s ability is installing the tweak or third-party apps.

However, in some circumstance the apps or tweaks just don’t get along with our device’s internal system. They could be unsupported or simply corrupted. As the result, our device doesn’t run as good as it used to.


Surely we need to fix it, the only fix we’ve got is simply flashing the stock / official ROM. In the Lenovo A590‘s case, if your existing device needs to be repaired then you need to re-flash the stock ROM.

This post will help you through the entire procedures to download Lenovo A590 stock ROM and install the ROM so your device will be restored and hopefully will work as it used to.

And installing the stock ROM can also help you restore your lost warranty due to rooting or installing third party apps such as custom ROMs or custom recovery images.

Download these files to your computer and then install.

Requirements and preconditions.

  • A computer with a USB cable.
  • If your device’s rooted, then this stock ROM will wipe it out.
  • Make backups for everything you regard important, such as custom ROMs, custom recoveries and other data that will be deleted with this stock ROM.

How to install stock ROM on Lenovo A590?

Do not skip anything, but follow all the guides entirely.

  1. On your computer, open the the SP Flash Tool you downloaded and installed earlier.
    Install Stock ROM On Android SP Flash Tool Tutorials
  2. Now find and click the Scatter Loading button, see the picture for reference.
    Scatter File Stock ROM Install
  3. Now browse then choose the scatter file inside the folder where the Lenovo A590 in .txt extension.
    Install Stock ROM on Lenovo Device
  4. The Lenovo A590 stock ROM scatter file will be loaded by the SP Flash Tool.
  5. Now you must click the Download button just like in the picture below.
    How to install Lenovo A616 stock ROM
  6. Remove your device’s battery while your phone is turned off (Remember while your phone’s turned off or if your device’s battery un-removable just connect USB to PC then connect to your device while pressing Up button).
  7. Connect USB cable to PC then connect USB cable to your Lenovo device, then put the battery back to your Lenovo while pressing Volume Up (+), this will automatically begin the flashing process.
  8. Wait for the flashing process to finish, you can take a cup of tea while waiting, :)).
  9. When you see this round green notification that means the Lenovo A7-30H stock ROM was successfully installed, congratulation then guys.
    Install Lenovo Stock ROM Tutorials
  10. Unplug your device from its USB cable now then take off the battery of your Lenovo device.
  11. Then place the battery again on the Lenovo of yours and then power on your device.

That’s it guys you have successfully installed stock ROM on your Lenovo A590 device.

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