How To Enable Samsung Screen Recorder, Here Are The Steps!

How to enable Samsung Screen Recorder? here are the steps! Do you know there is a screen recording feature on the TouchWiz? You don’t? I am not surprised because the option is somehow hided by Samsung. It’s amazing the company made the function yet decided to hide from us later on. But luckily I found the tips to enable the Samsung screen recording on any Samsung Galaxy device running on Android 6.0 M to Android 7.0 N.

If you are interested to enable Samsung native screen recording feature on your device then get into the car let’s it enabled.


Once you have enabled the screen recording then you can record anything move on your device screen then save it to be shared on any social medias.

Files you need to download to your device.

Download Bixby.apk for any Samsung Galaxy devices.

How to enable Samsung Screen Recorder on Android 6.0 or 7.0 devices?

Follow all the steps and do not ignore any of them guys.

  1. Follow the below steps to enable native screen recording option in your Samsung Device:
  2. If all the app were already downloaded then saved into your device memory, then use a file manager to find they are saved, once you found them tap on Install to install the app APK, do it like you install any app APK before.
  3. After the installations completed, back to your device’s screen, open the Activity Launcher app. Then you will find ‘Recent Activities‘ interface.
  4. Now head to All Activities by tapping drop down located on top left corner.
  5. Search for Recorder from the list of apps.
  6. Once you found the Recorder then tap on it. Long press and select the second option (activity.settings) and then choose ‘Create Shortcut’.
  7. A Record Screen shortcut will show up from launcher’s Home screen.
    How To Enable Samsung Screen Recorder, Here Are The Steps!


    How To Enable Screen Recorder On Samsung

Hope you find this post useful guys.

Via hardik190 at XDA forum.

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