How To Fix Bricked OnePlus 3T

Do you want to fix a bricked OnePlus 3T phone? Then you are welcomed to follow the guides from this post.

During our quests to optimize our OnePlus 3T we do something unofficial like rooting our Android or installing TWRP recovery. The errors could appear on this occasion. The result our OnePlus 3T is bricked.


So if your OnePlus 3T is now bricked, you can fix it guys, as long as it’s not a hard brick. So you are invited to follow the guides written on this post to fix bricked OnePlus 3T.

If you want solve the problem on bricked OnePlus 3T then why waiting any longer? Let’s us proceed to the instructions. Good luck guys.

How To Fix Brick On OnePlus 3T


How to fix a bricked OnePlus 3T phone?

Files you need.


Follow all the instructions without you skip any of them.

  1. Extract the drivers and recovery (Unbrick Tool) you downloaded on Desktop.
  2. Also you need to enable USB debugging on OnePlus 3T of yours.
  3. For Windows users that has Driver Signature Enforcement security can head to this page; how to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows.
  4. Now press and hold Power button of your device for about 40 seconds to power it off.
  5. Then press Volume Up button for about 10 seconds, while you are pressing Volume UP you need to connect your device to PC.
  6. Now open device manager then be sure Unknown Device, QHUSB_BULK (under Unknown Devices) or Qualcomm HS USB …… (under COMs and Ports)].
  7. Now right-click on your device in the device manager then choose Update Device Software. Select the .inf file manually from x86 or x64 folder as the case implies and select Qualcomm 9008 from the listed devices..
  8. Once the device showing Qualcomm 9008, then run the MSM Download Tool as administrator.
  9. Click Start now that’s located on the top left corner then wait till finish. (Green text will appear guys).
  10. Now disconnect your device from PC then boot into the system.

Done now you have fixed your a bricked OnePlus 3T phone.

Via XDA forum.

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