How To Install Mediatek VCom USB Driver On Windows (7, 8, 10)

How to install Mediatek USB VCom Driver on Windows (7, 8, 10). The main obstacle when trying to flash a stock ROM on the Mediatek chipset is the incorrect installed driver. If that happens all the process will be ceased. Perhaps you would say it’s a bit complicate when dealing with Mediatek chipset.

But in reality it’s not that complicate, I hope this tutorial can help you deal with the problem because the tutorials will guide you through the entire processes to flash Mediatek preloader USB VCOM driver to all your Windows OS versions PC.


What is Mediatek USB VCOM driver?

Firstly let’s find out what is Mediatek USB VCOM driver, it’s a driver we need when trying to flash stock ROM / firmware using SP Flash tool or other similar ROM flasher. If you own a Mediatek chipset based device and you want to flash a stock ROM then your Windows OS computer must already have a Mediatek USB VCOM installed or else the flashing processes will fail.

On this guide you will be explained on how to install Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM driver on any Windows versions, whether it’s Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 with images to make you easy following every step. So if you are ready. Then what are we waiting for guys? Let’s do it right here and right now !

Remember to follow each step without skipping or ignoring any of them.


  • A Windows computer for any versions.

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File you need to download guys.

 MTK VCOM USB (64 & 32 BIT Windows)

How to install Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM driver on Windows Windows (7, 8, 10) computer

As for Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Firstly you need to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement On Windows 10 and 8. Afterward continue to the following the steps below.

Remember you need to follow all the steps without you skip any of them.


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  1. After you have downloaded the Mediatek USB VCOM Driver on your computer, then extract the file.
  2. Within the extracted MTXXX USB VCOM drivers folder, there are several folders that contain .inf extension files.
    Extract Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM Driver Windows
  3. Now click on Star button on your Windows PC, then on the search form type Device Manager.
    Start Button Windows
  4. Now click the Device Manager.
    Device Manager Install Mediatek Preloader VCOM Driver
  5. On Device Manager you need to right-click on your PC name then select Add Legacy Hardware.
    Add Legacy Flash Mediatek Preloader VCOM USB Driver Windows
  6. On the Welcome To The Add Hardware Wizard box select Next.
    Install Mediatek USB VCOM Driver Windows
  7. On the Add Hardware box select the Install The Hardware That I manually select from a list (Advanced), and then select Next.
    Install Mediatek USB VCOM Driver Windows PC Laptop
  8. On the Common Hardware Types / Show All Devices menu, select Next till you find Have Disk like on the image.
    Install Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM Driver Windows


    Have A Disk Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM Driver Windows
  9. Now select the Have Disk appears Install from Disk popup window. Then choose Browse.
    Browse Mediatek Preloader VCOM USB Driver Windows
  10. Browse to the file you previously extracted on the first step then choose the .inf extension file.
    Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM Driver
    • For Windows 32 bit system or x86 choose usb2ser_Win7.inf.
    • For Windows 64 bit system or x64 choose usb2ser_Win764.inf.
  11. And then click OK.
  12. Now on the next screen containing Model options, just select Next.
    Next Install Mediatek Preloader VCOM USB Driver

Done! Now you can flash any stock ROM to your Mediatek chipset device using SP Flash Tool.


Error Sign Mediatek Preloader USB VCom Driver Windows

On the Device Manager status there is an error signed with yellow triangle, do not worry, just ignore that doesn’t mean anything to the flashing. Like on the following image.

Now you can continue to flash stock ROM using SP Flash Tool.

Well done guys you have successfully installed Mediatek USB VCOM driver on Windows OS.

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