Tutorials To Install MTK USB Driver Auto Installer On PC

Tutorials to install MTK USB Driver Auto Installer on PC. There are many things we can do for connecting our Android devices to either PC or laptop. Activities like transferring photos, video, musics and other files can be done through connecting the two devices. Aside from that we can also flashing stock ROM — whether it’s for upgrading or downgrading the firmware versions, also we can perform non-official activities such as rooting our device, flashing custom ROM or custom recovery until making memory test and more.

To connect our Android device to computer we need a USB cable, but that’s not all, we still need drivers too. USB driver plays very significant role for computer to detect our connected device. USB driver helps computer to identifies our Android smartphone or tablet.


On this post I will try to guide you to install MTK USB Driver Auto Installer on your computer.

MTK (Mediatek) USB driver Auto Installer works only with Windows OS computer and can be a reliable driver because it’s easy to be installed and the file size is small around 10MB.

Tutorials To Install MTK USB Driver Auto Installer On PC

Mediatek chipsets supported by MTK USB Driver Auto Installer are.

  • MT6235,
  • MT6516,
  • MT6571,
  • MT6572,
  • MT6572M,
  • MT6573,
  • MT6515,
  • MT6575,
  • MT6575M,
  • MT6577,
  • MT6577T,
  • MT6517,
  • MT6517T,
  • MT6589,
  • MT6589M,
  • MT6589T,
  • MT6580,
  • MT6582,
  • MT6582M,
  • MT6588.

And this driver also supports all Windows’s variants from Windows XP to the latest Windows `10.

Download MTK USB Driver Auto Installer

How to install Mediatek USB Driver Auto Installer

Follow every step without skipping any steps.

  1. After you have downloaded and extracted the MTK USB Driver Auto Installer, then copy the SmartPhoneDriver folder to the System32 folder (C:/Windows/System32).
  2. Now enter to the Mediatek Driver Auto Installer, then right click on any Mediatek-Drivers-Install  to select Run As Administrator to launch it.
    Run As Administrator Windows OS
  3. Now press any buttons from your keyboard to continue the installation.
    Install MTK USB Driver Auto Installer On Laptop
  4. If the Windows Security shows up like in the picture. You need to choose Install This Driver Software Anyway then clicks for several times for the Windows Security to stop showing up.
    Install MTK USB Driver Auto Installer On PC
  5. The drivers were successfully installed.
    Install MTK USB Driver Auto Installer
  6. Done.

For Windows OS 8 and 10 users. If you failed then you probably need to firstly disable the driver signature enforcement feature first. The guides can be learned from here.

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You did it my friends! You have followed all the steps to flash MTK USB Driver Auto Installer. :).

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