Use Qualcomm Flash Image Loader To Unbrick Qualcomm Devices

Here you will be guided to flash Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) on Qualcomm devices. So why do you want to do that? The question can lead to the various answers, such as flashing ROM or you can unbrick the bricked Qualcomm devices.

So whatever your reason is, my part is to guide you on how to flash Qualcomm Flash Image Loader or widely known QFIL on Qualcomm devices.


And the guides will be with pictures on almost each step to make you easy in following them.

Download the following tools guys before flashing Firmware Via QFIL Tool Qualcomm Chips.

  • PC Windows 7 ( Recommended )
  • Download QFIL.
  • Download Qualcomm_Usb_Driver.7z.
  • Download 7-Zip.exe.
  • Download firmware Stock Rom for your Qualcomm devices.
  • Charge your device’s batter power if it’s less power.
  • Good luck guys.

How to flash stock ROM via QFIL Tool to unbrick Qualcomm Chips device

Follow the guides without skipping any steps.

  1. Now click on the Qfil you just downloaded to your PC.
  2. QFIL is now opened then click the Browse button.
    Use QFIL To Unbrick Qualcomm Device
  3. Then select the firmware in .mbn extension.
    Use QFIL To Flash Stock ROM On Qualcomm Device
  4. Qfil will load the firmware file. Now you can click the Download button.

After your device is rebooted it will be restored to the stock state with a stock ROM. In case you encounter problem during reboot just do it via Factory Reset on your device because this will help.


Question. Why SAHARA fail error on QFIL?

Answer. That’s because of using the incorrect version of QFIL. Therefore I suggest you to use this version.

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