Lollipop Firmware Update For HTC Desire 830 Dual SIM

Hi guys here is the stock ROM for HTC Desire 830 Dual SIM (D830U), so if you are looking for the Android 5.1 Lollipop update flash file for your HTC Desire 830 Dual-SIM then you are at the rightest place to find all the best features the firmware has provided for you.

HTC Desire 830 Dual SIM is a decent phone armed with great features and fast speed of course the stability to run all the installed apps and functionalities. If you are the owner and want to restore your device to the stock state you can flash the stock ROM from here.


Flashing a stock ROM is needed to keep our device supported by manufacturer, then to fix some issues such as bootloop or soft bricked. and last but not least can be used to reclaim our lost device warranty caused by flashing the unofficial tweaks.

Lollipop Firmware Update For HTC Desire 830 Dual SIM

Benefits of flashing a stock ROM.

  • Can fix bootloop.
  • Can fix soft bricked.
  • Can reclaim device’s warranty.
  • Can restore our device’s to the stock state.
  • Can make our device secure.

Disadvantage of flashing a stock ROM.

  • You will lose your root access.
  • You will lose your custom ROM.
  • You will loose your custom recovery because it will be replaced with a stock recovery.


  • Make backups before flashing a stock ROM.
  • Charge your device’s battery power if it’s less power.
  • Follow all the steps without skipping any steps.

Download Android 5.1 Lollipop firmware update for HTC Desire 830 Dual SIM (D830U)



Visit the above link then sign-up, once done with registering, then come back here to follow the guides.
Password for India sea version (1.3.400.5); India_SEA_MASUD_RANA_SOURAV .
Password for Europe version (1.3.401.5); _L51_MASUD_RANA_SOURAV_1.03.401.5 .


Instructions to flash Android 5.1 Lollipop firmware update on HTC Desire 830 Dual SIM (D830U)

Be sure you have already made backups to your personal data before proceeding guys.

  1. Download the stock ROM from above link, then extract the zip file.
  2. After being extracted then transfer it to your device’s SD Card (Don’t put it on any folder).
  3. Rename the zip file into
  4. Now you need to boot into the Download Mode, by powering off your device then press and hold Power + Volume Down altogether.
  5. Press Volume Up to verify the installation processes.

Well done my friends !

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