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Download Mi Flash Tool (all versions). I have a friend who owns a Xiaomi device, he uses Xiaomi owned flashing tool namely Mi Flash Tool to either upgrade or downgrade stock ROM on Xiaomi powered device and he told me to share about it on this blog.

Considering the benefits offered by Xiaomi Mi Flash tool for its users then I agreed with my friend suggestion. Therefore the post you are reading now is about Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool that you can use on your device to upgrade to the newer version, or if you found the newer version has bugs then you are also able to downgrade to the older yet stable version. This tool is also armed with ability to identify your device once it’s connected.


To upgrade your firmware, simply download the firmware from internet then use this utility to flash the firmware directly to your device and then enjoy all the very simple trip on flashing a firmware guys. You can also use Mi Flash Tool to modify the system partition of your Xiaomi smartphone or tablet.

Download Mi Flash Tool (All Versions)

Features of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Support for multiple devices

You can use this tool on nearly all Xiaomi Mi devices and this is a good news.

Including USB Drivers

Well this tool has USB drivers included therefore you just need to download the zip file and all necessary is provided.

Connect multiple devices

With Mi Flash Tool you can flash firmware on more than one device, instead you can flash firmware on multiple devices at the same time.

Choice of flashing options

This is my favorite feature that we are given with 3 choices to select like you can select flash all or flash all except storage or the third choice flash all except data and storage. However the default option is flash all option.

Free. This tool is a free one and it’s created by Xioami to help their users flashing files on their devices.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool



  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

Credits Xiaomi Inc.


Those of you who wish to flash stock ROM using this tool can head to the following tutorials.


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