How To Use Mi Flash Tool To Flash ROM On Xiaomi

How to use Mi Flash Tool to flash ROM on Xiaomi. Aside to be used to flash ROM on Qualcomm Chipset Xiaomi device, Mi Flash Tool can also be used to flash ROM on Mediatek Chipset based Xiaomi. In the past, I thought Mi Flash Tool is designed to support Qualcomm device, therefore I use SP Flash Tool to flash Mediatek Xiaomi I have such as Redmi Note 2. But I was wrong guys. I tried to flash using Mi Flash Tool on my Mediatek Xiaomi Redmi Pro and I succeeded.

So my successful to flash ROM on Xiaomi Redmi Pro using Mi Flash Tool will be discussed here. But keep in mind to flash ROM using Mi Flash Tool requires you to firstly unlock your Xiaomi bootloader, fail doing so will result bootloop to your Xiaomi.


So you need to firstly learn to unlock your Xiaomi bootloader. If you haven’t done it. Guys.

How to flash ROM using Mi Flash Tool

Well if you have unlocked your bootloader, then you may continue by firstly downloading the following files guys.

And on this guide I use Xiaomi Redmi Pro. But no matter type you have as long as your Xiaomi uses Mediatek Chipset then you can follow the guides written here because they are the same. And this tutorials can also be applied to flash distributor ROM of Xiaomi Redmi Pro to the official ROM.

Download the following files guys.

Note. Those who have Mi Flash Tool on their computer, then no need to re-download from above link. Because your older version will work to flash ROM. The difference between the older and newer version of Mi Flash Tool is in the newer version can support both 32bit and 64bit system of Windows OS, while the older version only supports 64bit, but my recommendation is to use Windows 64 bit because it more work than the Windows 32 bit.

For Fastboot ROM Redmi Pro you can choose either Stable Chine or Developer China. But on this tutorial I use ROM Stable China. Do not forget before you flash, please backup your data first.


Remember that before proceeding to the flashing steps I remind you; have you made necessary backups? If you have good then!

  1. Now install Mediatek Driver and Mi Flash Tool to your computer. In case you have Windows 8 or 10 then you need disable Driver signature first, follow the guides here; Disable Driver Signature Enforcement On Windows 10 & 8.
  2. Now download Fastboot ROM Redmi Pro, then extract to your computer drive, like on driver D or C or E, but do not extract to the folder like D:/Redmi Pro…Do not do this ! But put the file outside the folder.
    Flash ROM With Mi Flash Tool On Xiaomi Redmi
  3. Now open Mi Flash Tool, then choose ROM location by clicking Select button, then choose ROM omega_images_Vxxxx (Do not select images folder), then click Ok.
    Install ROM With Mi Flash Tool Xiaomi
  4. On then down right from Mi Flash Tool interface, click on the drop down menu, there you will see three options to flash.
    1. Flash_all.bat if you want to clean install then erase all the existing data on internal memory.
    2. Flash_all_except_data_storage.bat if you only want to install but not erasing data on internal memory.
    3. And the last option is flash_all_lock.bat if you want to clean install and then relock your bootloader. Choose any flashing option you see fit. But do not forget to backup.
      Flash ROM Types On Mi Flash Tool
  5. After everything is ready, now go to your Xiaomi device. Turn your Xiaomi device off now to access to the Fasboot mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Power (When your device is turned off), till you enter to the Fastboot mode then release the buttons after you enter to that mode.
    Enter Fastboot On Xiaomi Redmi
  6. Once your device is in Fastboot Mode, connect your device to computer.
    Connect Xiaomi Redmi To PC
  7. On Mi Flash Tool click on Refresh button for Mi Flash Tool to detect your Xiaomi (Remember before doing this your device is already connected to computer).
    Flash ROM Using Mi Flash Tool On Xiaomi Redmi
  8. After your device is connected then click Flash button to start the ROM flashing processes.
    Flash ROM On Xiaomi Using Mi Flash Tool
  9. Wait till the enter processes done, usually it takes about 5 minutes. If the ROM flashing done, then your device will reboot automatically, just wait guys, oke.
    Install ROM On Xiaomi With Mi Flash Tool
  10. Wait your device finish restarting and entering the system, usually the booting processes after flashing a ROM can take longer than a normal booting therefore just waiting patiently, if you like then make a cup of tee guys


You can ask me about the guides above.

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