Download Flyme 6 Stable For Meizu M3s, M2 Note, PRO6, MX5


It is more than seven months after the first beta version Flyme 6 for Meizu to released the final and stable version of Flyme 6 OS. And the company has unveiled the 4 lucky devices to receive the stable build which are Meizu M2, M3s, MX5 and PRO6.

This is considered major update providing big chances and of course fixes for number of issues and bugs reported and found from the previous release. Not only that, this OS also comes with improved compatibility between the Meizu device and the third-party apps for security purpose.

A list of changes brought by Flyme 6.

  • System power consumption has been improved.
  • If you experience occasional restart when language changed to Italy then the bug is fixed.
  • Unexpected quit of Meizu account is also fixed.
  • Email bug has been fixed.
  • Recycle Bin has been added through Files > Settings -> Recycle Bin.
  • Online verification has been added before system update to increase realibility.
  • Failure to lock photos taken via privacy mode is fixed.
Download Flyme 6 Stable For Meizu M3s, M2 Note, PRO6, MX5

As for those who want to download and install Flyme 6 can visit the following.

If this is the first time you hear the name Flyme it is an optimized version of OS dedicated for Meizu. Flyme 6 comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Source Meizu.


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