Download Gapps For Android 5.1 Lollipop Custom ROMs


As we know there are plenty of custom ROM supporting the Android 5.1.x (Lollipop) on the net, but not all of them come with Google Apps (Gapps) along. The custom ROMs give a straight notification that their custom ROMs dosn’t come with Gapps.

We need to install Gapps (Usually in zip file) separately — right after flashing the custom ROM — in order to get all the needed Google apps, such as Google Chrome, Gmail, Youtube, Google Play Store, Google Calender, Goole Maps, and Photos.


Imagine our shinny Android device powered with a very sophisticated custom ROM, yet without those apps. Of course, it’s like having a house without primary furniture. But thanks to those good guys out there that think about us — as users –and decided to compile all the needed Google apps and put it in very easy flashable files for us to use !

As on this post I have managed to gather all the available Gapps for Android 5.1.x Lollipop.

The various of the files categories by the sizes (The bigger the complete !)

Download links of Gapps for Android 5.1 Lollipop custom ROMs

Download Gapps For Android 5.1 Lollipop Custom ROMs

PA Gapps Pico Modular Package For Android 5.1.x Lollipop

Gapps categorized in Pico version is the smaller, containing the basic Gapps such as.

  • Google system base.
  • Google Play Store.
  • Google Calendar Sync only.
  • Google Play Services.

Pico version is recommended for users who prefer the use of basic apps not to be filled with too many apps they rarely use perhaps.

Size: 92 MB Download | Modular Pico (Uni – 43 MB) – Download.

PA Gapps Nano Modular Package For Android 5.1.x Lollipop

Gapps Nano Modular Package is for users that want more than Pico can offer, you will get Okay Google and Google Search apps, off-line speech files as the addition to basic apps on Pico version guys.

Size: 129 MB | Download.

PA Gapps Micro Modular Package For Android5.1.x Lollipop

Micro Modular Package is for those have bigger space on their device, yes you will find more apps included on this versions (Pico + Modular) and the Google Exchange Services, Google Text-to-Speach, Google Now Launcher, Face Unlock and more.

Size: 183 MB | Download.

PA Gapps Mini Modular Package For Android 5.1.x Lollipop

On this version you will find basic, additional and social network apps such as.

  • Google system base.
  • Off-line speech files.
  • Google Play Store.
  • Google Exchange Services.
  • FaceUnlock.
  • Google+.
  • Google Calendar.
  • Google Now Launcher.
  • Google Play services.
  • Google (Search).
  • Google Text-to-Speech.
  • Gmail, Hangouts.
  • Maps.
  • Street View on Google Maps.
  • YouTube.

Size: 233 MB | Download.

PA Gapps Full Modular Package For Android 5.1.x Lollipop

You will find almost everything like in the Google GApps — The stock version. However some apps are excluded such as Google Camera, Google Keyboard, Google Sheets and Google Slides.

Size: 366 MB | Download.

Gapps Stock Modular Package For Android 5.1.x Lollipop

Well this version is similar like the stock Google GApps package. That means all the apps are included. You can use this version if you don’t want to miss any apps. But want them all installed on your beloved Android device guys.

Size: 437 MB | Download.



Thanks to Tkruzze, XDA senior member, to make these GApps for Android 5.1 Lollipop available for us to download. Tell me which version you use. And how about your experience using them guys all.


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