Download iRoot For Computer


iRoot is available for rooting Android powered device with and without computer, if you have a wish to gain full control over your device then you should know about iRoot rooting tool.

iRoot has very good reputation in helping many Android users to root their device. And so far it has managed to root 255,304,912 devices!


And of course iRoot is a free app and that makes us more excited because we can use one of the best rooting tools without spending even a penny.

Download iRoot For Computer Android


iRoot for computer features list

Very easy rooting process. iRoot offers a pretty simple rooting process by providing the Root blue button to begin rooting and all you need to do just wait the rooting process which only takes a few minutes to complete.

Automatically switch to recovery mode. Since it’s nearly impossible to obtain root access using normal model, therefore iRoot switch it to recovery mode to process the rooting.

System Cleaner Application. Once your device is rooted with iRoot the app will then install a system cleaner application to help you clean your system from useless files. Also, this root will install a Chinese market app, but do not worry because the Chinese market app can be uninstalled easily.

Download iRoot for computer

Find the version you need using CTRL + F then type the version. Password: .

Download iRoot

Version: iRoot
Size: 30.7MB.
Format: Zip.

 Download (Latest)

Download iRoot_1.8.7.20375

Version: iRoot_1.8.7.20375
Size: 29.3MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.8.7.20299

Version: iRoot_1.8.7.20299
Size: 28 MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.8.6.20009

Version: iRoot_1.8.6.20009
Size: 22 MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.8.6.19461

Version: iRoot_1.8.6.19461
Size: 17 MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.8.5.15285

Version: iRoot_1.8.5.15285
Size: 18 MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.7.9.10454

Version: iRoot_1.7.9.10454
Size: 12 MB.
Format: Zip.



[#] Windows only tool. iRoot only works on Windows computer that means do not use it on Mac or Linux computer.

[#] iRoot types. In case you don’t have a computer. You can download iRoot for Android (iRoot.apk).

[#] Alternative tools. There are other tools that offer the same to root Android with PC such as Root Genius Application and KingRoot Application.

{#} Credits. iRoot for PC is maintained, developed and contributed by Shenzen ( Credits should be given to them.

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