How To Repair IMEI On RDA Chipset


How to repair IMEI on RDA chipset. Repair lost IMEI on RDA chipset device can be achieved using the RDA IMEI tool, the tool is designed to help restoring or repairing IMEI on any RDA Chipset based smartphone or tablet. If you are experiencing this problem then this post will help you out.

RDA IMEI Tool will help you write IMEI number on your smartphone or tablet.


This will help you get back your IMEI and once again use your RDA smartphone or tablet like before.

Instructions to flash / write IMEI on RDA

Follow the guides without skipping any steps.

  1. Now download RDA IMEI flash tool afterward extract the zip file to your computer.
  2. Open the file by clicking the RDA Tool_english setup file.
    How To Repair IMEI On RDA Chipset
  3. A new window appear like in the following image.
    How To Repair IMEI On RDA Chipset
  4. Click the Write IMEI box now to type IMEI1 then enter the 15 digit valid IMEI number to repair your RDA IMEI.
    How To Repair IMEI On RDA Chipset
  5. You need to click Setup button & choose SIM card count section in case you want to flash more than one like DUAL IMEI.
    How To Repair IMEI On RDA Chipset
  6. Once you entered the right IMEI number you are ready to flash new IMEI. Just hit on Start button.
  7. Turn off your device now and then connect it to your computer using a USB cable.
  8. Once your phone is connected to PC, the IMEI flashing will automatically begin.
  9. After the flashing completed then a successful message will show up on your device.
  10. Exit from RDA IMEI now.
  11. Reboot your phone.

Good reading guys.

Any questions then reveal on them on the provided comment area. And hope you find this post useful. And see you again on my upcoming and next posts guys.


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