How To Unlock Bootloader On OnePlus 5


Many people ask on how to unlock bootloader on the OnePlus 5 phone, and fortunately the method for unlocking the phone is possible and quite easy. I found the methods almost similar as unlocking any other OnePlus devices.

So here I share the complete methods to unlock OnePlus 5 bootloader for you so you can follow to unlock yours. But remember doing so is not encouraged by the manufacture and there is a big chance you will loose your warranty.


But once your OnePlus 5 bootloader is unlocked then you can perform several activities such as rooting, flashing custom recoveries and ROMs.

How To Unlock Booloader On OnePlus 5


  • Only perform the guides if your device is OnePlus 5 and do not try it on other models of OnePlus.
  • The guides here tested on the Windows OS but those who are familiar with Fastboot on either Mac or Linux can try it also.
  • Be sure all the data you regard precious are backup.
  • Your device warranty will be nullified.
  • Prepare your Windows OS PC or laptop, USB cable and USB drivers installed.
  • Do not forget to enable USB debugging mode of OnePlus 5 first (Skip it if you have).
  • Perform to the guides at your own risk and InstallAndroidROM.CO.UK should not be held responsible for any possible negative outcome during of after the process.

How to unlock OnePlus 5 bootloader

Make sure you have made necessary backups before proceeding to the guides.

    1. Download Android SDK from the official Android Developers website then install it. And set up the SDK on your Windows computer.
    2. Or you can download ADB/Fastboot – Android SDK Platform Tools onto different package then install on your PC. The following are the links based on your existing OS then extract the file to your PC.
    3. In case you have Android SDK, just download Fastboot then extract the file android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools folder. Make directory if there is none.
    4. Now enable OEM unlock from your device. Enabling OEM Unlock is needed for unlocking bootloader. To do so just head to Settings -> Developer options then click on Enable OEM unlock option.
    5. On this step, I hope you have already backup your data, because the next process will erase your data. Now connect your OnePlus 5 to computer using the USB cable.
    6. Go to the android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools folder then launch the Command Prompt (Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt).
    7. You need to access into the Bootloader / Fasboot Mode on your device. Do so by type the command below in ADB.

      adb reboot bootloader

    8. You need to find your device ID using the command below. Using the command below now.

      fastboot oem unlock

Remember. Based on your device’s region, a screen could popup with Chinese words. The upper portion translated to ‘confirm and proceed’ while the other bottom translated to ‘cancel’. Therefore touch on the upper part to continue.

  1. Your device will now reboot normally after its booloader is unlocked. To confirm just use the Step 7 to boot into the Fasboot mode and type the command below.

    fastboot oem device-info

    Unlocked Bootloader gives you the output like this.
    (bootloader) Device unlocked: true

  2. Now reboot and enjoy your bootloader unlocked device now.

    fastboot reboot

Congratulation guys you have a bootloader unlocked OnePlus 5 to be modified to the level of your dream.


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