How To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery


Install Xposed Framework without custom recovery. Xposed Framework can not only be installed using a custom recovery such as CWM, TWRP or etc, it can also be installed without it. Yes the third-party Framework can now be flashed on Android 5.0 Lollipop device without a custom recovery. You can perform the action directly through flashing the zip file on your rooted device.

Once your device have Xposed Framework installed then you are able to add the features you like and apply the features to your stock ROM without you need to flashing new ROMs. The procedures are quite easy and fast, so it’s understandable if people want to flash Xposed Framework on their device.


On this post I would like to discuss on how to install Xposed Firmware on Android Lollipop without custom recovery, but remember doing so will require your device have already have a root access, that means you need to firstly root your device, then installing an app called Flashfire that will be shared below.

How To Install Xposed Framework Without Custom Recovery


How to install Xposed Framework without custom recovery

Proceed and all the possible risks are yours to bear and be sure you already made backups.

  1. You need to install and then open the FlashFire app, give the root access when you are requested.
  2. Now tap the (+) plus button located at the bottom to show the menu.
  3. Choose “Flash Zip or OTA” option and keep the “Auto-Mount” option unchecke -> tap Checkmark icon to continue to the next step.
  4. Now tap EverRoot, then make sure all other options not being checked or selected.
  5. Make sure the Reboot option as normal to boot system after flash.
  6. Tap the Lightening button to start the flashing procedures.
  7. You will see a blank screen, and showing your system contents before flashing starts.
  8. Finish.

You did it guys! Now you have the expertise to install Xposed Framework on Android device.

Good readings.

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