How To Root HTC ThunderBolt 4G


Here you will learn on how to root HTC ThunderBolt 4G device with KingRoot. If you root your device then you will gain root access to your core system. In that case you have turned your role from regular user to be super user that can tweak anything nearly without limit to your device’s system.

How To Root HTC ThunderBolt 4G

As the HTC ThunderBolt 4G is a decent phone, but making it rooted will double up its performance and ability, of course the additional functionality that will make you be amazed.

However root is not without a consequence, one of which is the lose of your device’s warranty, in that case you would be the one who take that risk. Anyway without further ado, let’s get to the point on rooting the HTC ThunderBolt 4G with KingRoot app using computer.


  • Make sure you have enough batter power to perform the guides written on this post.
  • Prepare your Windows OS computer, USB Drivers and also USB cable.
  • Do not forget to enable USB Debugging mode of your device by going to Settings -> Developer Options -> Find and tap the USB Debugging Options box.
Enable USB Debugging

Note. By default Android set the Developers option containing USB Debugging to hidden mode. To show it up just head to Settings -> About -> Information -> Then tap for 7 times the Build Number to you see a notification saying You are now developer. Now you will see Developer Options on Settings.

Download iRoot for PC

How to root HTC ThunderBolt 4G with KingRoot

Disclaimer. Rooting will likely void your warranty and chances you might brick your device. In that case, all the risks are yours to bear.

  1. Install the KingRoot on your computer following the on screen instructions.
  2. Now connect your device to computer using a USB cable. Your device will be detected by KingRoot.
    How To Root Android KingRoot
    Root Android With KingRoot Android
  3. Now all you need to do is click the ROOT to begin the rooting process.
    How To Root With KingRoot PC Android
  4. The rooting process will start, just wait till it finishes.
  5. If KingRoot managed to root your device then you will see ROOT Succeeded! notification like on the following image.
    Root With KingRoot
  6. You can now check your phone and see that the KingUser app is there meaning your device is rooted.
  7. Done.

Additional information.

To verify your root then you can use the Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

How to unroot HTC ThunderBolt 4G?

  1. Dislike the result? And want to unroot your device? Simply click on Remove Root to unroot your device just like on the following image.
    Remove Root KingRoot
  2. The unrooting process will start and if it’s done you will see Remove ROOT Succeeded! notification that means your device is no longer rooted just like before.
    Unroot KingRoot Android


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