Hi firstly I would like to say thank you very much for your visits to this blog, and let me introduce myself my name is Nagib and I am currently a blogger of several technology related blogs. My patients is to write as communicative and useful as I can to help my readers and visitors that of course coming here to find solutions or information they need.

The purpose of Install Android ROMs blog.

By simply reading the name of this blog then you will find out the theme I have set for this blog. I do the best I can to help Android users worldwide to find the most accurate and legit steps to install Android ROMs — whether it’s a stock or custom ROM — manually. So if you find a custom ROM shared on this blog along with a tutorials to install the ROM that means you are following the topic of this blog.

What kind of audience of this blog.

The blog is about Android, you will find audiences that have very big interests on the Google owned mobile operating system. The topic would be on how to install Android ROMs (Stock or custom), rooting an Android ROM, installing a non-stock recovery such as CWM, TWRP, etc. All the technical stuffs related to Android operating system will be the reasons people come to my blog.

Who is the man behind this blog?

As I have introduced on the first paragraph of this blog, my name is Nagib Idrus, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am now a writer of number of technology blogs including Install Android ROMs blog. And I consider myself a lucky one because I do things I like, blogging is my hobby, I like writing on the blog and the topic I like is technology. You can meet me on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. Those are social networking sites I use.

Thanks for reading this page.

Admin Nagib Idrus.

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