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Use iRoot To Root Android Without PC And Unroot It As Well


Use iRoot to root Android without PC and unroot it as well. The reputable vRoot Android rooting tool is now coming to us with a new name iRoot is a rooting tool that can root various of Android phones or tablets, it’s very easy to use and so simple, we can use iRoot to root Android without a computer or a laptop.

Complete Guides To Root Android With WeakSauce


This is tutorials to root Android with WeakSauce, the rooting tool released by JCase XDA recognized developer member, that brings root access to several HTC One without the need to unlock bootloader or obtaining S-OFF. WeakSauce doesn’t require a smartphone to be connected to computer as well. All processes be performed directly through the smartphone itself.

How To Root And Unroot Android With Framaroot


How to root and unroot Android with Framaroot. Framaroot is a best option to root Android amazingly easy and doesn’t require a computer to support the rooting process.

How To Root Android Phones Using Towelroot Without PC


How to root Android phones using Towelroot without PC. Towelroot is a root tool you can use if thinking to root Android without computer, yes this tool is very popular to do the simple job in obtaining root access for your Android phone or tablet.

What Is Hard Reset Android?


What is hard reset Android? Hard reset (or factory reset) is a way to bring your Android device back to its initiate condition or known to its original settings / condition. What is happening during hard-resetting Android? All the apps including games will be deleted, except the preinstalled apps like messages, Google Play Store, Music, Phones, Gallery, etc will stay intact.

Definition, Function And What Is Root Android?


Definition, function and what is root Android? For those who are not familiar about what exactly the root Android is and its function can read this post.